Healofy Nutri-Plus Lacto-Boost Granules | Breastmilk Enhancer | Pack Of 2

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Healofy LactoBoost Granules

Low breast milk can impact your baby's health & 
nutrition journey from the very start. With LactoBoost, 
you can witness a remarkable increase in your 
milk supply in just 1 week, ultimately supporting 
your baby’s healthy weight, immunity & more.

Discover The Science Behind

One Week Surge In Milk Supply

Backed By Research

Validated by empirical evidence

Potent, Powerful Ingredients

For Rapid Boost In Milk Supply

Delightful Elaichi Flavour

Crafted to Treat your taste buds

Evidence Of Efficacy

Scientific Proof That It Works

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Terrific Purchase!

I am currently on my 4th bottle My baby is 3 months old.From the very first day I wanted to be an exclusively breastfeeding mom.With the help of healofy I am able to do this.My baby's growth has been very good since he only takes breast milk.Thanks to healofy.I also use mother's tea and it's very very refreshing ❤️

frod site plz dont by the online payment

I haven't received my order yet and they aren't even refunding my money. had made the payment online.

Anusha E
Definitely a game changer

there was a glitch in the delivery and the customer service was also bad. I only received the product one week later than the promised time and customer care was of no use.

Once I received the product i started using it immediately and my god, the results were too good. My baby’s formula milk intake reduced gradually and this is a blessing in disguise for every new mom who is suffering from low milk supply.

Would appreciate if provided a better delivery service and customer care.

Priya Arun
Good product

I have brought 8 bottles of lactoboost drink till now and still buying. it is really worth and I liked the flavour..useful for every new mothers.

Sharmila Ganesh

I have consumed one bottle but no increase in milk supply. Please suggest me something