Healofy Mother's Talk

Meghana Naidu
18th week pregnant mother

I recently ordered this power bites and now it has become my favorite snacks to eat..I usually eat 3 power bites a day..it feels nice to know we are not just eating something that tastes good which is also very nutritious and healthy. Best for pregnant moms like me

Mom of 3month old baby

My baby looks so cute in these diapers, they are so soft and there won't be any leakage throughout the day..Can't wait to try new prints

Chareetha Jayappa
16th week pregnant mother

Best results…using it since when my 4th month is running…now m in my 9th month and because of this cream I haven’t any mark on my tummy till now…touchwood…I will recommend each n every mom, must buy this product. This is my third bottle.

Aafreen Malik
12th week pregnant mother

I experienced change in my weight, after using slimming tea for 2 months. I appreciate the effect it has on my digestion. The taste is mild and comforting, this slimming tea really did help me lose my belly fat. Happy buying

deepika kv
16th week pregnant mother

I was thinking of using formula milk when my baby's was not gaining any weight from my breastmilk, one of my friend recommended me to try healofys mothers tea..i am using it since 2months..now my baby weight has been increased..really a great product

Navika Shukla
6th week parent mother

I got my first bottle of saffron, it has a nice aroma and i did the purity test for my satisfaction and it was indeed pure. I mixed it with warm milk and drank, taste was also good. Definitely recommedning it