Premium Saffron For Pregnancy Wellness-2gms

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by Healofy

Product Description

  • Brand name: Healofy Naturals
  • Pack contains: 1 Premium Saffron
  • Quantity: 2 gm
saffron in pregnancy

Your baby can sense your mood even in the womb & this can impact their growth inside. To keep you happy & balance your mood swings, Healofy Naturals has this pure-untouched saffron for pregnancy. From mood swings to healthy delivery to happy baby growth, it does it all.

Bringing to you bundle of BENEFITS

best saffron

Saffron acts as an antidepressant and boosts the blood flow to your brain. It produces hormone serotonin that elevates your mood & keeps you happy.

pure saffron

By reducing anxiety and bringing relaxation, saffron promotes a peaceful goodnight sleep.

saffron for pregnant women

Improves the blood flow to your digestive system which enhances metabolism and aids in better digestion.

benefits of saffron

Saffron is known as a natural painkiller. It relaxes the muscles which help to relieve stomach pain and soothe cramps. It also helps in preparing mom’s body for delivery & aids in easy childbirth.

Certifications that are seals of SAFETY & QUALITY

Premium Quality as per ISO 3632

Healofy Naturals' product journey FROM MILES TO SMILES

kesar for pregnant women

A quick test of PURITY


Your simple steps to USE THIS PRODUCT


Note: For best results soak for more than 2 hours


Healofy  EXPERT MOMS  speak  

  • Keep the Healofy Naturals saffron airtight in a cool, dark place 
  • Avoid consuming this saffron during the 1st trimester of pregnancy
  • Consume in moderation

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Frequently Asked Questions 

It is absolutely safe to consume Healofy Naturals saffron during pregnancy as it is GMP certified and doctor’s approved. For best results consume it in moderation and avoid consuming it in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy.

Yes. This saffron is pure, untouched and 100% original.

You can soak a few strands in 20ml of milk or water. Use the milk either to season any sweet or mix the 20 ml milk into a glass of milk, stir it and consume it.

Yes, it has a nice aroma and flavour. The aroma is the mark of its purity.

Not necessarily, you can use saffron strands for seasoning sweet dishes or as flavoured rice too.

"Kesar", "Jafran", "Kungumapoo", all are different ways people call saffron. Saffron during pregnancy has traditionally been used to help build the mother's and baby’s immunity. Kesar benefits in pregnancy are well researched and proven by many scientific studies. Here are a few benefits of consuming saffron during pregnancy: -It helps ease mood swings -Helps reduce nausea and vomiting -Helps maintain blood pressure -Fight off allergies -Helps protect against heart diseases We understand when you buy saffron online one of the major concerns is the quality. We understand that finding the right saffron at an affordable kesar price is a priority. Which is why we introduce Healofy Naturals Premium Quality Saffron. It is one of the best saffron brand in the market, known for its quality and quantity. Why are we "Premium Quality"? Our saffron is hand-picked from the fields of Kashmir and Afghanistan, unadulterated in any way. We are FSSAI approved, ISO grade giving us the title of "Premium Quality Saffron" Don’t believe us. Try it for yourself and experience the health benefits of Healofy Naturals Saffron.

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original saffron 👍


pamper box for momma to be..,


Ami ei saffron kheye chilam khub valo tomrao kho khub bhalo


Eta akhon babohar korchi ,amr sorir khub week chilo ghum
hotoi na akhon khub valo avhi


super. thank you so much..