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From pregnancy to postpartum with fitness

Supporting mothers-to-be on their individual pregnancy journeys, from conception to birth and postpartum recovery


Pregnancy and Childbirth Support

Antenatal care yoga

Stretching and yoga can help you prepare for delivery by strengthening your lower body's flexibility and endurance.



Helps you embrace the transformative journey of motherhood and become attuned to your body's daily changes during pregnancy.



Our program nurtures the unborn child, potentially leading to better physical, mental, and spiritual development and a healthier, more balanced individual.


This Program Is For You !

Spine strengthening

Simplify prenatal yoga and relief pregnancy discomfort

Lamaze breathing

Prepare for a smooth delivery with proper alignment

Birthing ball sessions

Learn the tools, skills and community you need to face any birth scenario

Baby bonding & Breathing practices

Join a community of new and expectant parents online

Labor prep practices

Learn and feel confident with childbirth education in every class

Birth partner sessions

A healthy pelvic floor equals an easier birth and faster post-baby recovery

Key Features

Ancient practices with modern approach

Find Balance and Harmony with Our Vedic Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition Approach

Tailor made courses

Pregnancy-specific workouts customized for your needs

Live Session Via Zoom

Certified trainers and coaches lead live sessions, keeping your health at the forefront

Intimate Batches

Small groups of 8-10 people for personalized and effective results

Programmed With Human Touch


Your body assessment by Healofy coaches and medical experts


A program designed tmonitor and deliver results

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Evaluating your results and restating your body needs

Become a YOGA MAMA

Hello everyone. This program was developed to support expectant mothers through their individual pregnancy journey, from conception through birth and postpartum. From uplifting movement exercises and back exercises to meditations to connect with your baby, we have a variety of yoga styles to help you find everything you need. We act as your personal healthcare team that you can take with you wherever you go.

We make it effortless to master a happy & healthy just for you… keeping a daily track with 1 : 1 online coaching and support.

Our Mama’s Success Stories



Prenatal and fourth trimester classes were fantastic for both of my pregnancies! All the trainers are so sweet, and I always leave feeling calm and refreshed. The prenatal class was an excellent way to mentally and physically prepare for birth. The fourth trimester class is gentle, informative, and relaxed.They're fantastic!

Our story

Healofy is a highly respected platform for maternal and child care, with a team of over 100+ doctors and experienced mothers. Our authenticity has been verified by medical professionals and we have gained the trust of over 20+ million parents globally through our authentic content, community of mothers, innovative products, and pre-natal and post-natal digital programs.

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“Let us make pregnancy an occasion where we appreciate female bodies.”

Prenatal Yoga Class

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Prenatal Yoga Class

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A yoga mat and an open mind, your pregnancy journey begins!

We Promise the Change

We don't just want your subscriptions, we also want to give you the self-assurance you need to adjust to the physical and mental changes brought on by pregnancy and childbirth. We'll refund your money if you are not happy with our program