All You Need To Know About Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

If we ask you to think of an oil that can be called all-in-one, the name that would click to you would be none other than coconut oil. You would have seen this oil being used by your mom or grandma for various purposes like hair oiling, skincare, massaging, cooking, and more. But, have you ever heard about cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil?

As the name suggests, Cold-Pressed Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil. It is called the purest form of oil because the process of extraction i.e cold-pressing helps the coconut retain its natural property. When it comes to the usage of this virgin coconut oil, it is widely used for a variety of purposes and it never fails to amaze the user with all its benefits. Recently, Virgin coconut oil has attracted a lot of attention because of its uncountable benefits for personal care and health during pregnancy. Apart from regular household usage, Cold-Pressed Virgin coconut oil has a very special role to play during pregnancy and for babies as well.

Virgin Coconut Oil

In this blog, you can discover the numerous benefits of Cold-Pressed Virgin coconut oil and various interesting ways to use it for skin, hair, health & more …

What is cold-pressed virgin coconut oil?

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is a form of pure and natural oil that is extracted from fresh & matured coconut & coconut milk. Virgin coconut oil is extracted by a cold-pressing technique and is 100% made without the usage of any chemicals. That is why cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is also called the mother of oils as it is a treasure of many essential nutrients.

When you look at the consistency, the cold-pressed virgin coconut oil might appear very similar to normal coconut oil. But the nutrients like Vitamin E & antioxidants are very high in cold-pressed virgin coconut oil when compared.

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil: Benefits for skin & uses

This cold-pressed virgin coconut oil hydrates dry skin and minimizes the signs of aging. In addition, it protects your skin from infections and germs.

Cold-Pressed virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer for dry skin

Take 2-3 drops of this virgin coconut oil in your hands, rub it to make it warm, apply all over your face & neck, and massage gently before going to bed.

As a make-up remover
  • Take a small amount of virgin coconut oil in your hands, rub it in your palms and apply it all over your face. Let it rest for a few minutes so that it gets absorbed. Next, wipe your face with a warm wet towel.
  • Alternatively, you can put this cold-pressed virgin coconut oil on a cotton ball and use it to gently remove makeup, post that you can wipe your face with a warm wet cloth.
For pregnancy stretch marks (prevention & treatment)

Take a generous amount of this oil in your palms. Gently massage this oil in your stretch mark area. Do this twice daily for effective results.

Virgin coconut oil for Hair: Benefits & How to use

Replacing your regular hair oil with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil will boost your hair health from roots to tip. It will not only strengthen hair scalp but will also reduce hair fall, split ends, and dandruff during pregnancy.

Cold-Pressed virgin coconut oil as a hair mask

Using your fingertips, massage this oil into your scalp. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. Wash off with a mild shampoo.

As an excellent conditioner

Use this oil as an alternative to your standard conditioner or just add a few drops of this oil to your existing conditioner to smoothen your hair.

For pregnancy hair fall

Warm up the oil and gently massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. Next, wrap a hot towel around your head and let it stay for some time. Now, wash your hair with mild shampoo.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed virgin coconut in pregnancy: Benefits for health & uses

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil when consumed during pregnancy strengthens the body’s immunity & improves metabolism. It enhances calcium formation and makes baby’s and your bones stronger. Its antioxidants properties help in relieving acidity & indigestion problems during pregnancy. Because of these benefits, pregnant women are advised to include virgin coconut oil in their diet.

Ways to use virgin coconut oil in diet

Here is a small chart showing the benefits and uses of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil in pregnancy & for babies


Problems-faced Benefits of virgin coconut oil How to add this oil in everyday routine?
Pregnancy - Cold & headaches
- Vomiting & dizziness
- Low immunity
- Stretch marks
- Improves the level of good cholesterol
- Strengthens the immune system
- Helps in digestion
- Add one spoon of coconut oil in smoothies
- Stir fry vegetables in this oil
- For stretch marks, apply it directly to stretchmark prone areas twice a day
Postpartum (After delivery) - Low breastmilk
- Cracked nipples
- Stretchy skin
- Abnormal blood Pressure
- Stretch marks
- Improves breastmilk
- Maintains blood pressure
- Treats stretch marks & sore nipples
- Consume raw oil one spoon every day
- Use for cooking Vegetable
- For stretch marks, apply it directly to stretchmark prone areas twice a day
Fertility - Imbalanced hormones
- Period problems
- Balances hormones
- Treats PCOD & PCOS
- Use while cooking vegetables
- Consume one spoon with warm water
Baby Massaging - Skin health
- Cradle cap
- Diaper rash
- Treat cradle caps, diaper rashes, and dry skin
- Strengthens bones & muscles with massaging
- Massaging this pure virgin coconut oil onto your baby’s skin
- Apply in head and diaper area to prevent and reduce cradle cap and diaper rash

Healofy Naturals Organic Cold - Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil:

If you feel that your next go to oil is Virgin Coconut Oil but not sure where to find the best one, then do not worry, we have got your back. Healofy Naturals cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is unadulterated, cold-pressed, and is organic.

The extraction of virgin coconut oil doesn’t involve any chemical process and simply with the cold-pressing technique the oil is filtered traditionally. Also, there are no preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals added to enhance the taste and purity of this cold-pressed coconut oil.

After reading all this, you might also be very curious to know more about the purity of Healofy Naturals cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

Here is a small test to check the purity of this cold-pressed virgin coconut oil at home:

  • Take 2 spoons of virgin coconut oil in a small bowl
  • Put that whole bowl in the refrigerator
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours
  • Take out the bowl, and observe the color of the virgin coconut oil:
    • If it’s transparent - the cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is pure.
    • If it's yellow or gray - the coconut oil is of low quality and impure.

Now you are well aware of the multiple benefits & uses of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for skin, hair & more then what are you waiting for? Go get a nice bottle of awesomeness delivered to you right now!!

Happy Parenting 😊

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