Say Bye To Back Pain & Sleep Well With A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy comes with its own ups and downs. Of the various problems that a mom may experience during her pregnancy journey, one is back pain. Generally, this pain increases with a growing belly and may interfere with your daily life and peaceful sleep. Apart from correct posture and lifestyle changes, one thing that can help you and bring measurable relief is the maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow.


Before we try to understand how it brings relief, let us understand what is a pregnancy pillow/ maternity pillow?

What is a maternity/ pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow or a maternity pillow is curated to support your body changes during pregnancy and give you a comfortable sleeping position. With regular use of this pillow, while sleeping, sitting, or enjoying leisure time, you would see your back pain fading and happy sleep to be coming. In the market, you may find different types of pregnancy pillows such as U- shaped, C-shaped, body-contoured, and more.

Of all these pillows available, Femzy decided to come with a C-shaped pregnancy pillow because it supports your changing body shape better. This pillow is designed by maternity experts. It does not press your growing belly and pampers it softly. Moreover, this pregnancy pillow works excellently when you choose a side sleeping position with your growing belly.

As you read further, you will learn about the numerous benefits, the multiple ways of using it, and the easy cleaning techniques for this pregnancy pillow.


Brings relief from back pain:

As your baby grows, the weight on your back will also increase resulting in a lot of stress on the back. During these times, the body feels heavy and it is very crucial to rest your body comfortable while you sleep, sit or relax. This pregnancy pillow supports your back, & growing belly. In addition, it ensures proper rest and relieves you from pain.

Reduces leg & foot swelling

This maternity pillow relieves back tension when you place it under your belly or knees. It brings relief from nerve pain and leg numbness, as well.

Helps you sleep peacefully sideways

Your doctor would have recommended you sleep on the left side to promote blood circulation. However, you may find this to be a difficult job with your growing belly. This pregnancy pillow comes to your rescue then. With its thoughtful c-shape and soft cushions filling you can sleep conveniently sideways. You can enjoy a long peaceful sleep by holding and cuddling this pillow in your arms and resting your legs and belly on it.

Brings relief from neck & shoulder pain

You can rest your neck and shoulder on this pregnancy pillow while sleeping. The pillow will also offer the right support to your neck and back preventing stiffness and discomfort. You can use it as support while reading your favorite book or sipping a hot glass of milk.

Ways to use this maternity pillow

For back pain relief and support

While sleeping, use it in an inverted C-shape position as shown below.

Sleeping pillow

While reading a book or watching TV support your back as shown below.

Reading pillow For head & shoulder support.

Turn the maternity pillow and use it in an inverted position behind your shoulder and neck. Follow the image to understand better.

head For leg support

Fold this maternity pillow and rest your legs above them. See the image below.

leg As breastfeeding pillow

Sit in a comfortable position. Wrap this maternity pillow around your belly and waist. Hold your baby properly and use this pillow as a breastfeeding pillow to support you and your baby while breastfeeding. Refer to the image shown below for proper understanding.

Breastfeeding As your Baby’s Bodyguard:

As your baby grows, you can use this maternity pillow as a protection wall guarding your baby. You can even use this breastfeeding pillow for playful tummy time. You can put your baby on their stomach or back with this pregnancy pillow. Your baby can have a bodyguard while playtime with this pregnancy support pillow.


A pregnancy pillow can be put on the bed as a mattress and the moms can sleep according to the suitable position required. Maintaining a pregnancy support pillow is very easy and it comes with a reusable outer cover that can be washed in a washing machine with a mild detergent.


With your growing belly & back pain, you may find peaceful sleep in a distant dream. Of various solutions that you may have tried, one thing that promises to bring relief is the maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow. With Femzy Pregnancy & breastfeeding Pillow you can enjoy a relaxed peaceful sleep every night and feed your baby with full ease and convenience post-delivery. This pregnancy pillow is designed by maternity experts. It supports your back, neck, leg & growing belly. The polyfill filling makes the pillow flexible to suit your sleeping positions. The thoughtful C shape curves around your belly providing support without pressing the belly, You can fold and use it as a backrest or leg rest and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

Get yourself this pregnancy pillow and make your motherhood journey stress-free!!

Happy Pregnancy & Parenting 😊

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