Methi Shampoo For Hair Fall

Methi Shampoo For Hair Fall

Healofy Naturals methi seed hair shampoo nourishes and improves hair texture. With this kind of shelf life, a woman is going to benefit from this shampoo before and after pregnancy.

Methi Shampoo


Using methi seeds in any form like hair oil, infused water, direct paste, shampoo or conditioner gives tremendous improvement to the hair from roots. This is the best remedy for almost all the hair problems women face during and after pregnancy. Before knowing the benefits one should know why this fenugreek seed has become everyone’s best friend.

  • Proteins: the protein inside the methi seeds helps control hair fall
  • Vitamins A, B1, C promote hair growth by improving shine, strength and thickness.
  • Lecithin: strengthens and moisturizes hair.
  • Mucilaginous Fiber: absorbs the water and conditions the hair.
  • Amino Acids: maintains proteins and promote keratin production

Here are a few benefits of how fenugreek does wonder…

  • Fights dandruff
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Regenerates lost hair
  • Controls scalp infections
  • Adds shine and texture to the hair
  • Prevents greying premature hair

Anything done subsequently with constant efforts and keeping in check with any causing side effects is the best way to handle hair problems. If one starts using any paste or shampoo or oil on their hair, it has to be used regularly with a lot of care. That is why Healofy Naturals introduced methi seed hair shampoo infused with Dadi ke nuskhe to manage all the hair problems from day 1 of your pregnancy journey. This shampoo is also suggestible to any adult as it has the best benefits that maintain their hair.


Healofy Naturals introduced fenugreek hair shampoo which is India’s first all-natural shampoo that helps in nourishing the hair. Using methi hair shampoo is the natural way of controlling hair fall. Common hormonal imbalances during pregnancy can greatly affect hair and skin. Hairfall, premature greying, lack of balanced vitamins in the hair are all problems that tend to give very damaged hair. Our hair growth shampoo acts as a natural conditioner as it has all the organic ingredients. The smoothness and soft hair will make you fall in love with our methi shampoo. Premature hair grows when there is a lack of nutrition to the hair.

So to provide enough nutrition to the hair, Healofy Naturals launched the best shampoo for hair which helps in improving hair thickness. Methi seed hair shampoo by Healofy Naturals has this special ingredient that helps in hair thinning and damaged hair by replacing the scalp with strength and thickness. The hair grows back thicker as the new moms lose a lot of hair in postpartum. The best anti hair fall methi shampoo is curated by experts and is very safe to use on moms during and after pregnancy. This methi shampoo is made with natural ingredients by keeping away all the paraben, toxins, sulfates and SLES that irritate the healthy scalp. This fenugreek shampoo is recommended by doctors and is proven to not have any side effects on the baby or mom.



Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of iron and protein. These are the two essential nutrients for hair growth. Methi seeds contain a unique combination of plant compounds that help in preventing hair damage. These are very much essential to support hair growth. Methi is the main ingredient to help manage hair fall problems and control hair issues. Methi seed hair shampoo helps premature hair greying.


Aloe vera cleanses the hair, fights flaky dandruff and helps stimulate hair growth. The antioxidants help in cleaning the scalp and giving gentle and voluminous shiny hair throughout the pregnancy journey.


There will be a problem with keratin during the pregnancy and postpartum period. This is why we added Hibiscus and made it to use as an excellent hair conditioner. To give nourishing softness to your hair, hibiscus is the best key ingredient. Healofy Naturals has this ingredient to keep your hair strong.


Reetha treats itchy scalp and removes dandruff from the scalp. The normal hair care regime will be damaged due to a scaly scalp and dandruff. This reetha helps in managing and conditioning the hair.


Soothes the scalp and slows down greying process. Shikakai is one of the most effective herbs that treat hair fall especially. Shikakai helps to remove dirt and excess oil from the scalp as well as promote hair growth.

Methi Shampoo


Healofy Naturals methi hair seed shampoo is backed with Ayurveda and supported by modern science. Fenugreek shampoo is known for its wonderful hair benefits and this shampoo gives all the benefits very easily. Not only methi, but every other ingredient went while curating this shampoo like, aloe vera, hibiscus, reetha and shikakai have a very unique way of treating hair issues without damage. Most pregnant moms have a problem of losing hair, scaly scalp and thinning hair with dandruff. To keep a check on that Healofy has launched this amazing methi shampoo that helps in maintaining your beautiful hair before and after delivery.


  • Before shampooing, apply methi oil the next day…
  • Damp your hair with warm water
  • Add a small amount of shampoo
  • Massage it into the scalp
  • Lather your scalp and run it for the ends
  • Rinse your hair completely with warm water.


Is methi shampoo safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, methi shampoo has all the organic ingredients that are safe to use during and after pregnancy.

How long does it take for methi shampoo to grow hair?

This methi shampoo can effectively work when it is consistently used for a couple of months.

Why is methi hair shampoo the best?

Methi hair shampoo is the best shampoo for controlling hair problems and preventing hair thickness from roots.


Methi hair shampoo saves a new mom’s hair by providing enough nourishment to the hair. Our methi shampoo is tested by doctors and proven to be very safe and effective on pregnant and post-delivery moms. Motherhood is a lifetime experience. We always wanted to make this experience a happy one. There will be no worries about hair problems during and after pregnancy. This is why Healofy Naturals has formulated fenugreek shampoo also known as oil fenugreek shampoo for hair for growth, to pamper you during & post-pregnancy. Fenugreek grows hair and makes it strong from its roots. Enriched with methi seeds & natural ingredients like aloe vera, hibiscus, reetha and shikakai this methi shampoo from Healofy Naturals nourishes hair & supports hair growth. With the loss of hair lot of moms feel very depressed, and due to the stress they face, there will be more hair damage. This shampoo helps one avoid social phobia with hair fall. Enjoy your pregnancy & welcome your cutie pie without any worries with Healofy Naturals methi shampoo. It is 100% natural and free from parabens & toxins.

Get your methi shampoo and treat your hair for the best and most voluminous journey.

Happy Parenting 😊

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