4 months old baby

How can I reduce my weight

Hello Weight gain during ur pregnancy is natural. But after delivery it is a trauma to get back to who u were. Best and most effective method of doing it is breast feeding as it is known to burn alot more calories than anything else keep ur self hydrated. Have a balanced diet. You can also try hitting the gym or aerobics it's a nice boost of endorphins. It helps u with ur mood elevation. Hope I helped.
Hi dear, some ways to reduce: 1 Do not skip meals.Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between (rather than 3 larger meals). Choose low-fat dairy products, nuts , veggies over other fatty stuff. 2 Start exercising like walking but in moderation. 3 breastfeeding is a good way to burn calories. 4 have plenty of liquids and stay hydrated. 5 have good sleep.
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Question: How can I reduce my weight 😶
Answer: Avoid excessive sugary or fatty foods as these contain empty calories and, although tasty, don't help keep your weight stable.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with lean meat or fish.Remember that potatoes and bread are not fattening until you put butter on them.Brown or wholemeal bread is more filling than the white variety, as is brown rice compared to white.Alcoholic drinks are best avoided as they are not recommended for either mother-to-be or baby – fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a good alternative.If you feel an attack of the nibbles coming on, opt for dried fruit and a glass of water, this will help fill you up and avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.
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Question: How can I reduce my body weight
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Weight can be reduced by following some tips. 1.Always drink warm water only 2.Do exercise regularly at least four days a week 3.Avoid fatty masala food 4.Eat in regular intervals You will lose your weight. Never go with any crash diets as they are not safe. Take care
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Question: How can i reduce my weight.. how can I get my body shape back..
Answer: Hi,if you are feeding your baby you should not do any crush diet. You can cut down in sugars. Carbs Oily and fried foods.. Have more if boiled vegetables Have more if veg soups Chicken soups. Have more roasted items like roasted paneer instead of fried paneer or roasted low mercury fish. Have boiled chicken with salt and black pepper . Have veg sandwich with lentils Have boiled pulses like boiled chana , moong etc This will help you to cut down on your calorie part as well as meet the nutritional requirements You can also take walks All this will help. Take care All the best.
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