Waterproof Baby Bib With Food Catching Pocket

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by Healofy

  • Brand: Baby Story by Healofy
  • Package Contains: Waterpoof Baby Bib With Food Catching Pocket
  • Quantity:1
  • Colour:Pink
waterproof baby bib

Whether it’s feeding, self-eating, teething or drooling, your baby’s clothes sees it all. Not only the clothes, the table and the floor also remain stained for a long period of time. 

With Baby Story Unique Bib you can stay worry free because not only your baby’s clothes but your table and floor are also sure to shine.

The wide and deep food catching pocket will catch all the falling food and drink spills making feeding hassle-free and enjoyable for the baby and you.

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Unique Features Of Baby Story Bib With Food Catching Pocket

Waterproof & Reusable: The bibs are easily washable and dries within hours. It’s waterproof outer layer doesn’t allow wetness or stains to reach your baby’s cloth..

Grows with your baby: The two adjustable neck buttons at the back help you increase the size as your baby grows..

Can be used 2 ways:  This bib can be used with or without a food catching pockt..

Saves money & time: Since the same bib can be used for years, it helps you save money spent on multiple purchases of cloth bib. Quick washing and drying is a huge time saver too.

Lightweight, Foldable & Easy to Carry: You can easily detach the pocket, roll the bib and carry with ease whenever you are on the go.

Proven Safe By Experts: This product is totally free from PVC, BPA and any such harmful chemicals.

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Deep Food Catching Pocket For Happy Feeding Time

The bib comes with an innovative food catching pocket which catches food, drools and drink spills keeping clothes, table and floor non-messy & clean.

adjustable waterproof baby bib

Grows with your baby

You can use this bib from 4 months of age till 3 years. The 2 adjustable neck buttons at the back will help you give the best fit to your baby based on their age and neck size. 

baby bibs waterproof

Double Convenience With 2 Way use

You can use the bib with and without a pocket. The food catching pocket is easily detachable and hence, you can remove them when not in use.

Approved By Experts, this bib is completely safe for your baby

It is free from BPA, PVC and any other harmful chemicals.It is waterproof and doesn't allow any wetness to reach your baby’s chest. 

Customer Reviews

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Laxmi Jagdish Valecha

Food catching bib helps baby to learn eating in a proper way. The tray is detachable which could be washed easily

Soujanyas Corner

Waterproof baby bib with food cathers. This is very useful for mothers having small kids. It will protect from food falling on your baby clothes and floor, tables whenever you are feeding your baby.This attached catcher will catch the food without falling down. For more details click on below tag.


This food catching bib is a very nice product. Keeps my child busy for a long time as the food gets collected on the tray attached. Buy now!!!!

Soujanyas Corner

Waterproof baby bib with food cathers. This is special baby bib. Whatever you feed to your baby that doesn't fall on clothes by using this baby bib. Not only protect clothes but also floor and table.This baby bib will catch everything that fall whenever you are feeding to your baby. For more details click on below tag.

Shipra Singh

Waterproof baby bib with food catching tray! 💞