Washable Cloth Diaper With Improved Insert | pack of 2

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by Healofy

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, you can.

The insert is made from microfiber which is 100% safe for your baby.

You can change the diaper once in every 2-3 hours

It is a cloth diaper with inserts.


It is a cloth diaper with microfiber inserts. It is designed for a comfortable, rash free experience for your baby.

Your newborn is all set to experience this world and is adjusting around it. Although tricky, you want each of their experiences to be utterly comfortable and fuss-free. However, with new born babies come the frequently soiled diapers that are a part of a new-born’s routine with the newborn going through 6-8 diapers a day. Such a large number of diapers for your little baby can cause discomfort like rashes, wetness and what not and it isn’t exactly economical as well. We have a one-time solution for you and your baby that is not only economical but also grows with your fast growing baby- Healofy’s Washable Diaper.  

The baby diapers are made of cotton and are completely organic. The reusable diapers for babies ensure a soft, comfortable experience for your baby without any rashes or itchiness. The soft reusable cloth diapers are adjustable and hence perfect for babies from 0 to 18 months. This means, initially a newborn diaper in small size will grow up with the baby till infancy.

The eco-friendly cotton diapers are also economical as they eliminate the need to buy the regular disposable diapers repeatedly.

The reusable diapers come with microfiber inserts with 5 layers for easy absorption, hence keeping your little one all dry and happy. The cloth diapers for newborns are leak proof which further maintains even better hygiene. Furthermore, these cloth diapers for newborn are breathable and hence keep their skin soft and rash free. These organic diapers are the best diapers for your new born as they contain no dyes or chemicals and are environment friendly. The all-natural diapers will be the best pick for your baby’s journey in this new world.

All you have to ensure is to change the insert every two hours to maintain the hygiene and voila, your baby will grow happy and content given the utmost comfort.

You can find reusable cloth diapers online on Healofy website and give your baby a premium diaper experience.

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Deeksha shetty
Worst product

Don’t go for this… waste of money. I have using this from past 2 to 3 months but quality of products specially diaper buttons are worst. I have raised this query with concern team but there is not reply from them. Highly disappointed.


must buy product...i loved it


This product is amazing.


supb product!!! gone buy 3 more as I m blessed wit twins !!luved it ...go for it guys👍


vry. softy nice product must buy
safe for children tq for healofy team