Femzy Reusable Breast Pads- 6 pcs

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by Healofy

Product Description

  • Brand name: Femzy by Healofy
  • Pack contains: Breast Pad
  • Pack of : 6
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Motherhood is indeed a delightful journey. In order to keep this journey hassle free, Femzy has created a reusable & washable super absorbent breast pad for mom’s. It absorbs the leaking breast milk keeping moms comfortable and confident.


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The reusable breast pads absorb excess breast milk & keeps you & your clothes dry and stain free.

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It is ultra-thin, washable & reusable. Even after multiple washes it doesn’t crumble.

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100% soft and breathable fabric prevents bacteria formation which causes rashes or infections.

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  The Breast pads are contoured & ensures complete absorption of leaking breast milk. The new mom’s need not to be embarrassed anymore as it prevents milk leakage & stains from clothes. .

benefits of breast pads

Multilayered protection: The multilayered protection keeps you dry & comfortable due to superior absorbent inner lining.

Waterproof outer layered: No more milk stains on your favourite dresses as the outer waterproof layer locks the liquid in it & keeps you comfortable.

Anti-Slip Texture: The snug fit feature & anti slip texture ensures that pad stays in its place and doesn’t crumble.

Thin & Soft: The breast pads are very thin & breathable. Soft on skin & gives rash free experience.


uses of reusable breast pads

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  • Wash in mild detergent in lukewarm water

  • Dry completely before usage

  • Store it in a clean dry place

Frequently Asked Questions 

The multilayered protection & outer waterproof layer prevents milk leakage.

Yes, you can if your breast milk is excessively leaking and avoid wearing wet pads. Make sure to change your pads thrice a day. If required, remove the breast pad before going to sleep.

Yes, you can. The breast pads are easy to use & goes well with all types of bras.

Always use cotton breast pads especially the part which will be facing your nipple should be soft & breathable. This will not irritate the sensitive skin.

The Femzy breast pads come in an attractive cloth bag. You can use the same bag to store while traveling.

Customer Reviews

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Alina Malik

Very nice product, I loved it, I am happy with this product. And also complimentary baby massage oil with the product. Thank you healofy.

Savla Jinal


Amanpreet Kaur

I suggest this to every breastfeeding mom's .. Because its very thin n adjustable so that we can get stain free clothes..I'm very satisfy with this product..

Nithya Rahul


Anushri Desai

Awesome product,very useful for new mom's.