Baby Story Nail Cutter With Zoom Lens

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by Healofy

  • Brand: Baby Story by Healofy
  • Package Contains: Baby nail cutter with magnifier
  • Quantity:1
  • Colour:Red

Even though your baby’s nails are softer, they grow very fast and can cause scratches and  hence need trimming regularly. As a mom you may feel scared of hurting you baby & cutting their nail may look as scary as diffusing a bomb

This Baby Story Nail Cutter with magnifying lens will take away your fear and help you cut your baby’s nails with full confidence and safety

The curved edges, non-slip handle, rust-proof material & 4 times zoom lens will ensure that your baby gets regular nail cutting without any pain and discomfort.

Why not any regular nail cutter & only baby story nail cutter for your baby?

  • Curated specially for the tiny nails of your baby
  • Comes with 4 times zoom lens for clear vision
  • Made of rust-free, premium quality steel material
  • Has rounded & curved ends for safe nail cutting
  • Has ergonomic, thoughtful shape with non-slip handle

The Magnifier with 4 times zooming lens

This magnifier with 4 times zooming capacity will help you reduce your eyestrain and you could  see the tiny nails of your baby with much greater clarity. 

Anti-slip handle made with non-toxic plastic material

The ergonomic shape and non-slip handle are thoughtfully chosen to prevent any form of injury while cutting the nail. The non-toxic plastic material is completely safe for your baby.

Curved edges & rust-free stainless steel material

 The stainless steel material is of superior quality and doesn’t rust even after prolonged use.The curved edges will give the safest nail cutting experience to your baby..

What makes Baby Story nail cutter completely safe your baby  ●Rust-free, long-lasting stainless steel material ●Rounded ends to prevent any kind of injuries ●Ergonomic shape with non-slip handle ●Non-toxic plastic material 

Long Lasting use is guanteed with these maintenance steps

  • Wipe the surface of the nail cutter with a soft, dry cloth
  • You may sterilize the steell part by dipping in alcohol.
  • Wipe the glass of magnifier with a soft, damp cloth.

How do we make each of our Baby Story Products

Each of the Baby Story products goes through extensive research and rigorous testing before it is made available for our users. We do not compromise on any aspect of safety and each of our products is hygienically packed and delivered rightly.

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