Baby Story Cute Baby Posters- 4pcs

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by Healofy

●Brand: Baby story by Healofy
●Quantity: Pack of 4
●Size - 12*18 inch
●Paper - 300GSM
●Type - Digital Printed Laminated Paper
●Lamination Type - Gloss Finish

As soon as you conceive, you start developing affection for your baby who is growing in your womb.

To further deepen your affection and strengthen your bond with your baby, Baby Story has launched these beautiful posters.

These happy baby faces will not only uplift your mood but will also fill your house with positive energy and happy vibe.

baby posters

Unique features of Baby Story Wall Posters
●Cheerful baby faces for positivity
●Attractive & classy glossy finish
●Thoughtful size that beautifies every house
●Waterproof & tear resistant
●Double side table for easy pasting
●Doesn't leave mark on wall post removal

newborn posters
newborn care poster

Whenever you look at these posters you will imagine your baby. These smiling faces will connect you strongly to your baby in womb and help you deepen your bond with them.

baby posters for pregnant women

You can display these posters in the living room, bedroom or any other area of your house. These cheerful posters will fill your house with positivity and create a happy vibe around it.

Stepwise instructions to paste these posters

newborn baby posters

Customer Reviews

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Sonal Jain

These cute little baby posters are your best friend during maternity journey. They Keeps the environment lively & cheerful when you hang such posters in your room.

Sonal Jain

Cute Lil baby posters for a positive vibe during pregnancy. Size 12*18 inch.


All photos are of Baby girl in this set of 4..

Good quality.. and all are cuties 🥰

Sonal Jain

How cute are these posters 😌

suchithra subramani

loved the pictures