2nd Trimester Pregnancy Health Mix For Baby's wholesome growth

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by Healofy

Product Description

  • Brand name: Healofy Naturals
  • Pack contains: 1 Pregnancy Health mix
  • Quantity: 200 gms each

Made in consultation with nutritionists & health experts, Healofy Naturals health mix brings you a unique combination of proven nuts & seeds that boost your baby’s brain & ensure their wholesome growth.


  • Builds your baby’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ): 

By preventing developmental delays with ingredients rich in Iodine.

  • Improves attention span & focus
  • By promoting your baby’s  brain development with Omega 3 fats-rich ingredients

  • Reduces chances of brain & spine defects
  • Reduces the chances of brain & spine defects with its folate & folic acid-rich ingredients.

  • Strengthens uterus
  • Makes your womb healthy with ingredients rich in iron, calcium & protein.

    Who Made This For You?

    How Does It Work?

    Healofy Naturals Pregnancy Health Mix is rich in nutrients that are crucial for a baby’s brain development like iodine, omega 3-fats, folic acid, iron & more. Not just that, this health mix is 100% natural & pregnancy that helps boost your baby’s development.

    Your Baby’s Brain Development Journey During Pregnancy 

    Week 5 With Healofy Naturals Health Mix: Your baby is forming brain & spine tissue. Folic acid can help reduces the chances of brain defects during this crucial development. Ingredients like Almonds, Cashews, and Sunflower seeds in the right quantity can help. 

    Week 10 With Healofy Naturals Health Mix: Your baby now has a smooth brain structure. Eating protein & omega-3 fats in the right quantity can help; walnuts, flax seeds, figs & dates are rich in these nutrients.

    What Makes Healofy Naturals Health Mix Unique?


    What It Works Best With?


    Regular diet: Your regular nutritious diet is the key to a healthy pregnancy. 

    Doctor-prescribed supplements: Consume your doctor-prescribed supplements as they fulfil the loss of nutrients that occurs during your pregnancy.

    Exercise: Mild exercises keep you energetic & prepare your body for a healthy delivery.  

    How To Consume It For More Benefits


    Healofy Naturals Pregnancy Health Mix is a nutritious snack that can boost your baby’s development. Due to its precise trimester-specific nutrients, you can stay energetic all day long.

    100% Natural & Safe Pregnancy Health Mix


    What Moms Like To Say About Us



    • Do not supplement this with your regular diet
    • Use it as an additional boost to your regular diet
    • Do not consume more than 2 teaspoons a day
    • Store it in a cool dry place


    Does this Health Mix replace my daily diet?

    No, take your daily balanced diet & medicine regularly. Healofy Naturals Health Mix is an additional supplement to fight against any sort of deficiencies.

    How much of Health Mix is recommended on a daily basis?

    You can eat 2 teaspoonfuls of this health mix daily.

    Is it safe to eat this Health Mix during Pregnancy?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe as it contains the best quality dry fruits & seeds. Moreover, it is doctor-recommended and lab tested for safety. It is vegan & also gluten-free.

    Does this seed mix have added salt or sugar?

    This seed mix does not contain any added salt or sugar. You will find natural sweetness in the form of dry fruits like raisins & apricots. 

    * This item is non-returnable due to the consumable/hygiene/personal care nature of the product.*

    However, in the unlikely event of damage or wrong product delivery, we would be happy to refund or replace the product.

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