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Question: without any pills nd treatment how can avoid unwanted pragnency. I have heard that before first period of after delivary we can do sex without any tension, so want to know this is right or wrong?

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सवाल: Mt last period was at 18 feb.. this time we had a insecure sex and also intake Unwanted 72 after 48 hours. Can it possible to have pregrency?
उत्तर: Dear if you had unwanted 72 then there is no chance of pregnancy but only if you had it in 48 hour...ñ
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सवाल: Pls tell me if my period got missed nd m pregnant so can we hv sex after dis confirmation received
उत्तर: you have to avoid contact for first 3 months....but better you consult dr.
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सवाल: My fertility period has started from 16th of sep on 16 we had sex and after that we couldn't have sex ... I want to know whether we can have sex ...
उत्तर: U can have unprotected sex from 16 to 23 sept....for best results...
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