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Question: This is a first summer of by 4 months baby her baby was hot ever time what should I do

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सवाल: My baby is 5 months old....her head is hot...is this a symptom of fever...what should I do....
उत्तर: Hello Dear it is normal young baby heat release from there head so it tends to be hot than usual body nothing to worry about as yur child grows up this will vanish do not worry. Take care
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सवाल: What is better to massage a baby at night time during hot summer?
उत्तर: Hi. .yes you can. . But try to use coconut oil as its cold in nature and light weighted. .
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सवाल: Hi , my baby is of 4 months. Her urine will be too hot. What to do
उत्तर: If u r breastfeeding mom..u drink lot of water and fresh juices...it will help baby
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