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Question: sonography me heartbeat ka kaise pata chalta hai

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सवाल: Cervix length ka kaise pata chalta hai
उत्तर: Hi,in your scan you will come to know about the cervix kength all the vest
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सवाल: baby movement ka pata kaise chalta hai
उत्तर: aap na kuch v liquid lo jaise milk madh water uske badh let jao straight apko jrur feel hoga ache se
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सवाल: Baby dropping ka kaise pata chalta hai??
उत्तर: During baby dropping, head of the baby get engaged into the pelvic cavity, Some signs to know that baby has dropped First is u will feel baby bump has shifted downwards suddenly the breathing problem which was affecting you in third trimester will be cleared that is you may able to breathe better Increase frequency of urination Increased pelvic pressure You may or may not feel constipated
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सवाल: Bacche ka move kaise Pata chalta hai
उत्तर: Hello Dear Congratulations for your baby Aapko aapke baby ki movement 16-25weeks m pata chalta hai.Agar ye aapki pehli pregnancy hai toh aapko baby ki movement 25week k around pata chalegi aur 2nd baby hai toh 13weeks ke paas m hi aapko baby movement feel ho jaegi.
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