10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: pregnancy me dry fruits kha akte h jese ki badaam nariyal gola????

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Answer: हेलो डियर आप दूसरी तिमाही से बादाम खा सकती है लेकिन इसका उचित मात्रा मे ही सेवन करना चाहिए | अगर आप बादाम भिगो कर खाती है तो ये आप की सेहत के लिए बहुत अच्छा होता है आप 2 से 3 बादाम daily खा सकती है | इसमें ओमेगा 3 और विटामिन पाये जाते है जो आप के बेबी के विकास मे सहायक होंगे |
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सवाल: kya pregnancy me thodi thodi matra me roj dry fruits kha skte h ya kv kv
उत्तर: Hello Yes u can eat dry fruits they are very good with nutrients like vitamin e vitamin c omega 3 fatty acids and anti oxidants essential for ur baby s development U have dry fruits powdered and drink it as a milkshake. Try avoiding too many almonds as they are known to give preterm labour risks. They also help in your bowel movement wch will ease ur constipation problems. Make sure u eat raw nuts as sugar or salt coated Or fried May increase ur weight and colretrol intake.
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सवाल: khon se dry fruits kha sakte h
उत्तर: Hello dear, You must add dryfruits in ur daily diet. Dried fruits and nuts... especially almonds, walnuts, pistachios, coconuts, and dates are rich sources of protein. Therefore, their consumption will be beneficial during pregnanc. kaju, khajur, badam, you can take 5 to 6 piece daily. Raises 15 pieces r enough for 1 day. The correct time to take between two meal time. If you feel hungry at night, you can take as a quick and healthy snack.
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सवाल: Dry fruits like pista and badaam helps to induce labour pain. Is that true?
उत्तर: Don't know about these dry fruits,but jaggery(gur) does. And have 6 to 8 dates everyday.
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