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Question: pr ke 7ve hafte में बूँद बूँद आती हें

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सवाल: Mujhe Aik hafte se bht hi ziada balghami khansi hai..khans khans kr pait ka bura hashar hogya h .rat me honey bhi khaya pr koi frk nhi pr raha .ke kia krun is k liye ?
उत्तर: you should drink warm water. try drinking medicated tea by boiling few tulsi leaves, black pepper, bayleaves , cloves with water. let it boil for 5 mins. drain it then mix lil honey to it. drink it twice. you will feel better. you can gargle warm water by adding a pinch of salt. If this is just for 2 or 3 days then it may be due to the weather, but if it is happening 4 to 5 days or more then please see the doctor and get the test so that you can remove the infection from your body. Can be dangerous for your child.
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सवाल: delivery ke time pr vagina m cotton dalte h kya...or agr dalte h to kase niklta h wo ....meri delivery ke ek hafte bad mujhe vagina m cotton dikh rha h wo kase niklega pls answer me .....
उत्तर: hello..dear.. nurses or doctors will put you some cotton during delivery and they remove after few minutes to hours... i think in your case they have forgotten... not sure about you... jus check with your doctor if you have pain.. or urine is smelling badly...
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सवाल: aftr c sec delivery ke ek hafte baad kya mein chocolate kha sakti hu???
उत्तर: Haha.. ideally you should eat only healthy food this time but agar bahot zyada craving aa rahi hai toh thodi si kha lo.
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