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Question: placenta is posteriorly placed away from the os maturity is gs 2ka kya mtlb hai pls btaye meri help kre plllllsssssss

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सवाल: low lying posteriorly situated placenta (approx 1.3cm away from internal os) means???
उत्तर: Are placenta kaha hai wahi maintion kia hai dont worry low line me hai
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सवाल: The placenta is located posteriorly and is reaching to os . Grade 0 in maturity what is that meaning.
उत्तर: Hi dear as far as your report is concerned it is absolutely fine there is nothing to be worried about because it says that your present as posteriorly located it means that you have a posterior Placenta which is a very common and normal thing in pregnancy it just means that the Placenta is attached at the back of your uterus and gradation is the term which defines that how much your present I have walked till date since you are 14 weeks pregnant now your Placenta should be as new as zero hence your placenta has zero grade after sometime you can see in your report the Placenta grade is one, the Placenta has worked that March hence the gradation is 1 .. Hope this helps!
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सवाल: Low lying posterior placenta is away from 3.2 cm away from internal os? Grade maturity 1?means???
उत्तर: It means the distance between the placenta and cervix is 3.2cm... your placenta is quite low and near the cervix... sometimes as the uterus grows in size the placenta is pulled upwards which is good for you....if by end of pregnancy the placenta has not moved away from the cervix and covers the cervix then you will have to deliver by c-sec...
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