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Question: My placenta is location is 1 cm away from the os according to my ultrasonography.Is it something to be worried about?

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Answer: Placenta location close to the os denotes that is is low lying. However,if seen in the first trimester,it is generally not a cause for concern and may resolve on its own. However,there are some measures that you could be taking to ensure that your placenta moves to the expected position and does not cause any problems further in pregnancy. Take proper rest for a few days. Do not bend or lift anythig heavy.
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सवाल: If the placenta is anterior 3.7 cm away from internal os.. Is it ok3
उत्तर: It has to be greater than 2 cm so its perfectly normal in ur case. Relax. U can also consult ur doctor to be sure off.
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सवाल: In my USG report ,it shows that my placenta is posterior in location and 4.17 cm. away from internal OS. What is its meaning? Is it normal?
उत्तर: When the placenta develops at the back wall of the uterus, it is considered posterior placenta. This happens when the fertilised egg travels through the fallopian tube and attaches itself on the back or posterior side of the uterus. Having both anterior and posterior placenta is normal and doesn’t affect the growth and development of the baby. However, mothers with posterior placenta might seem to have a little more advantage than those who have anterior placenta. This is because having the placenta on the back wall of the uterus means feeling the baby’s movements and kicks early and stronger. Moreover, posterior placenta is considered to be the best for the baby as it allows the baby to grow and descend to the right position and align in the birth canal for a vaginal birth. placenta position is if it grows towards the cervix or lower end of the uterus. This is called placenta previa. In such a scenario chances of placenta detachment from the unstable position of the cervix is possible which can cause premature labour or internal bleeding. Doctor will closely monitor and inform you about any changes in position.
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सवाल: placenta is 4.4 cm away from internal os
उत्तर: it's good. The normal distance between placenta and os should be above 20mm or 2 cm during second trimester. This means the placenta is moving upwards, but again as you are in 20 weeks it's too early to say anything. These scenarios become important in third trimester so for now relax and rest.
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