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Question: my babay 14month old and his height is 76cm is this ok

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सवाल: Helloo moms,, my son is 1 year old and his weight is 9.8 and height is 76cm is it ok or not
उत्तर: Hllo dear ur son s 1 year old as 12 months babies weight should be between 7.8 to 10.5 kg ur babies weight s 9.8 kg its com0ketely normal nothing to worry abht .
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सवाल: My baby is now 14month his height is 72cm but i am worried about his height ,plz tell what should i do from now only which will help to increase his height,means his diet, food
उत्तर: Hello dear, For An Ideal Height: A balanced diet full of height-increasing foods such as milk, eggs, whole grains and oatmeal fuel the body in the right way for it to secrete the HGH in plenty. Foods such as chicken, soya bean or eggs will surely help your child get that ideal height. Energy from whole wheat, oatmeal, and grains helps increase muscle mass and reduce the storage of fat. Apart from skipping or playing basketball, there are some physical exercises known to increase your child's height naturally. Encourage them to use the height bars at their favourite play ground, as hanging from those bars is known to stimulate the production of HGH in the body. Good quality sleep for at least 8-10 hours will ensure their body gets adequate rest to grow properly. Encouraging your children to indulge in outdoor activities will keep their body and mind active. Restricting their screen time and also taking them to nature walks will help their body get a healthy dose of oxygen.
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सवाल: My baby boy is 6month 29days old his weight is 6.5kgs and height is 61cm,he is active and not started crawling upto now.is this ok?
उत्तर: Congratulations on your baby. Because of his weight, it takes delay of his crawling. Try practice and help him to crawl under care.. Some babies directly try to sit without crawling and some babies walk without crawling.. So, don't feel about it, everything will be well soon and your baby starts to crawl soon. Take care. God bless.
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