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Question: My delivery was on may1st 2018..since 2months i m suffering from anal cut /fissure problem..before never had this problem.pain while passing stool n bleed..pls let me know the solution..

2 Answers
Answer: After delivery, the most common problem is of anal fissures anal fissure it happens because of excessive labour pains and pushing and also after your pregnancy the diet matters so you need to take fibre rich diet with more of water absolutely take 3 litre of water a day . coconut juices per day, milk twice a day as well as juicy fruits and fibre rich diet including jo Bajra Ragi oats millets Maize and for temporary relief you can take duphalac 5 ml or evict5 ml twice a day just to improve your constipation and stool consistency can apply wet or cold packs that freezed make sure that the surface of cold pack is soft when you apply on your anal fissures. try to take epsom salt water bath you can sit in a bathtub full of one and half a tablespoon Epsom which is we called soak and sake karna in northe mal language if you have severe bleeding then you must visit your gynaecologist she will prescribe you pain Killers that are safe in lactation.
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