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Question: my baby is 8n half month old can i tak period delay tablet during breastfeed

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सवाल: Can I travel 8n flight 1 n half hour journey I'm 8th month pergant
उत्तर: Hello dear... flight travel is safe during second or third trimester,but air travel is not recommended after 36weeks of pregnancy, if you have any health issues in pregnancy,it is better to consult gynaecologist advise before travel,have a safe journey
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सवाल: Can i give boiled egg to my 8n half month old baby
उत्तर: Yeah dear you can. Try to give yolk first for few weeks. You can even use little water or milk to mash the yolk and feed baby. Later after few weeks you can give white or one whole egg.
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सवाल: my baby is 3 month old ...can I take period delay teblet
उत्तर: Hello! Please do not take these tablets without consulting doctor. These are hormonal tablets and should be taken under proper supervision.
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