4 months old baby

Question: 3 month ka baby hy thuk bahut nikal rahi hy

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Answer: हेलो डियर बेबी का मुह से थूक निकलना नॉर्मल है आप परेशान ना हो ।बेबी पूरी तरह से आपके मिल्क पर डिपेंड होता है जब वह ब्रेस्ट फीड करता है तो दूध के साथ कुछ हवा भी बेबी के मुह से उसके पेट में चली जाती है और कभी कभी ठीक ढंग से दूध को पचा भी नही पाते है उस दौरान बेबी के मुह से थूक निकलने लगता है ।और जब बेबी के mashoode फ़ुलाने लगते है तब भी बेबी के मुह से थूक आने लगता है ।
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सवाल: Hi mera baby 3 month ka hai Wo Kuch Dino se spit (thuk) Nikal raha hai, kya reasons hai??
उत्तर: same here, my baby is 3 nd half month. mera baby bi thuk nikalta hai...it's normal, don't worry about it, saare bache aise karte hai. maine delievery k baad bahot babies dekh liye n sune b bahot hai k thuk nikalte hai.
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सवाल: Mera baby 3 months ka h wo kal se dudh bahut nikal rha h kya kru
उत्तर: It is normal for babies less than 6 months old to vomit slight thick or little curd like milk out after every feed and while doing burping. because this is the leftover milk which is digested and comes out on burping do not worry you cannot continue the medication motinorm for longer than a week instead I will advise you to follow the normal burping technique the only doubt here is whether your baby is completely vomiting the whole milk out like in a projectile motion by the way we do a force full vomit is your baby doing a force full vomit and is completely empty out his stomach? if this is the case then these drops will be given and then also you will be advised few gastric drops later on but if it is only little little milk then I will advise you to start one ml neopeptine which is a digestive dropped and which helps in digestion so there will be less digested milk coming out in form of vomits 1 ml of neopeptine everyday should be fine do not worry
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सवाल: 3-4din se mera baby dudh nikl de rahi hy after every feeding, aisa q kar rahi hy?
उत्तर: Agar ushke pet bhar jate hai to extra dudh nikal dete hai.
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