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Question: meri pregnency ki due date or usg date khatm ho ge h bt av tk koi nhi aaya kya krana chayie dr ne internal medicin v di h fir v pain nhi h

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सवाल: Kl meri Dr ne internal check up kia h ki vertex 2 inch open h bt prso due date h kya kru ki normal delivery ho Jaye
उत्तर: arandi ka tel pine baby niche khisakta hai wo lelo aap
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सवाल: meri due date 30 april h bt mujhe avi tk breast s koi leakage nhi hui
उत्तर: Mujhe bhi nahi hua Tha even after delivery, in c section milk anyways starts to come after 72 hrs to mujhe uske baad leakage hua
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सवाल: Mujhe doctor ne aj ki due date di thi but ab tk labor pain nhi hua .please give me advice
उत्तर: You can follow these to induce labour naturally. Walking - The bumping up and down of walking can help the baby move into the birth canal. In fact, this is one of the few ways that most doctors agree on for starting labor. If walking doesn't work, try walking up and down stairs. Lifting your legs higher as you step can help push the baby downward. Pineapple - Best taken fresh and raw. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromeliad, which can soften your cervix and and bring on labor. It can also stimulate your stomach, which could also help get some contractions going. Statistically speaking, the chemicals in pineapple that are said to start labor aren't very high. It would take a lot of pineapple to get labor going. Sperm - If you feel up to sex, intercourse can work to get labor started. Sperm contains natural prostaglandins that release oxytocin to help soften and dilate the cervix. Spicy food - A very well-known labor starter! The reason it works may be because of the upset it causes to the digestive system, which then upsets the uterus. Not highly recommended Squats - Doing a few of these each day often helps to move the baby down and into position. Squats use gravity to push the baby downwards, thereby jumpstarting your birth naturally. Stretch and sweep of membranes - Your doctor will perform this simple procedure. A finger is inserted into the cervix and a gentle 'sweep' of the finger slightly separates the uterus wall and amniotic sac, sometimes leading to labor within hours or days. Some women say it's an easy, painless procedure, others find it very painful
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सवाल: hello doctor,8 jan meri due date h..bt abhi tk koi pain nhi ho rha h.. delivery kb tk ho sakti h.. tension ho rahi h
उत्तर: Hi dear, usually it happens... If you do not have labour pain till tomorrow... Your doctor will admit to hospital and induce you for artificial labour. Yes you can have papaya now which smoothen your cervix lining.. and may be bring labour... But please understand the process of labour contractions comes in frequency like in certain time period like every 5min ..you will feel strong pain every 5min or 10min frequency... When it comes every two minutes very strong contractions then your muscles will contract and your body will itself pushing up the baby... If it will not come out after half hour of pushing then also don't worry... Some doctor used to afraid their patients by saying that baby is not coming outlet and it will be problematic.... Take your time... By artificial labour also you can deliver naturally
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