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Question: meri ka 9 wa mahina chal raha hai or usako ulti bhut jada hoti hai din mai 5se 7 bar esaka koi bura asar to nhi hoga , or usaki chhati mai jaln bahut rehti hai . hame kya karna chahiye

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सवाल: dear friends ....mera 27 week chal Raha hai or mera baby Abhi tak bahut moment kar Raha tha by kl morning me ek bar kick karne ka bad moment nahi kia to kya mujhe dr.se contact karna chahiye.....
उत्तर:  Movement can slow down as you get closer to your due date for one simple reason: the baby is running out of room to move. While he used to be flipping and rolling in your womb, he simply does not have the space to do that anymore. Ideally, your baby has moved himself to the head-down position and will stay there in preparation for delivery. Less movement, then, can be a natural progression of the pregnancy. A total lack of movement, however, is a cause for concern, so contact your health care provider as soon as you notice a lack of movement. Your doctor will likely want to see you to check for the baby's heartbeat or even perform an ultrasound to rule out any potential complications with the pregnancy. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor about lack of movement--it is better to be safe than sorry.
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सवाल: hello mera tisra mahina cal raha h mujhe bahut ultiya hoti h har time ji matlata rahta gas to bahut jada banti h or acid b ulti wali dwa leti hu pir b ek do ultiya ho hi jati h mera wait b kam ho ga ya h mai kya karu
उत्तर: dear vomiting to mjhe b bhot hoti thi I used to put lemon and ginger in mouth.and whenever I feel I immediately go to bed and lay down on left side. I never skip having meals even if I vomit I go for next meal frequently. avoid heavy meals and small meals frequently with lots of curd, butter milk, fennel.seeds and Carrom seeds.
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सवाल: Mera 34 week chal raha hai mujhe bhut dar lag raha hai pata nahi kitna dard hoga mai sah paugi ya nahi plzz koi mujhe batao ke delivery mai dard kam karne ke liye mujhe Kya khana chahiye or kya karna chahiye kyo ke walk karne se to mujhe niche dard hone lagta hai to dr ne mana kiya hai ke jyada walk nahi karna
उत्तर: Drink cumin seed water in warmly...... aur yeh sochu k kuch week baad apka baby apke sath hoga aur apne use bahut pyar karuge tu Sara dard kam do jayega.... think good and be happy ..... best of luck and have faith in you k ap kar loge.... God bless you
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