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Question: Meri beti ko pilya hoga he to usme jada koi parsani to nahi hogi na

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सवाल: Meri beti kal gir gayi to sir pe thodasa blood aya...kya jada to andar lata nh hoga na
उत्तर: Hi,agar baby needs vomiting ki hai after that than consult.to tour Dr immeddiately else nothing to worry
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सवाल: muje thyroid he baby ko koi problem to nahi hogi
उत्तर: Thyroid can cause several serious effects like hair fall, skin problems, weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings. Thyroid during pregnancy affects both baby and the mother. try these effective home remedies to cure thyroid . Take two spoons of pure coconut oil and mix it with a glass of milk. Drink it before bed time every night. Vitamin A is very useful to treating thyroid . Add vitamin A rich eggs and carrots in regular diet as it naturally helps for normal thyroid glands functioning. Take more natural and herbal foods for thyroid problem. Taking ginger tea is one of the best home remedies to cure thyroid. B complex vitamins are effective. Eat more whole grains like barley, wheat, cereals, green vegetables, eggs to cure thyroid . Enjoy sprouts, carrots, cucumber sprinkled with herb toppings. Have a cup of salads every mid-noon to stimulate thyroid hormones.
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सवाल: muje wight discharge bhot hota he to iss se baby ko koi problem to nahi hoga na
उत्तर: ye bilkul normal hai..dont worry..Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about. During pregnancy do not: Use tampons-they can introduce new germs into the vagina.
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