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Question: Meri beti jada feed nhi le rahi hai...plz bataye me kya karu...roti hai but feed nhi le rahi

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सवाल: Meri beti roti bahut hai kya karu
उत्तर: Hii follow below tips to try to make baby quite HUNGER PANGS  For very young baby breastfeeding will ease his crying caused due to hunger. If your baby has started having semi-solids then fruit or vegetable puree can help.  TUMMY TROUBLES  Babies often cry due to gas problems in stomach. Lay your baby on his back and move his feet in a bicycling motion to ease the pain. BURPING TIME  After feeding, your baby can get fussy if not helped to burp. Try to rub his back and pat a little to relax your crying baby.  CHANGE DIAPER  Often you forget to change your baby’s diaper which might set him up crying due to the irritation. Dress your baby in a clean one and he will stop crying.  NAP TIME  If baby is deprived of sleep he can get very cranky and will not stop crying until you put him to sleep. Sing lullabies and help him sleep quickly. 
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सवाल: Hi pls help me meri beti kal 3months ki ho jaygi. vo bottle ka milk nh leti.kabhi kabhi le leti but bohot kam jada mera hi piti hai. pls help me mai kya karu vo bottle ka milk le le????????
उत्तर: Hi Check any gastric problem or digestive problem Consult ur pediatrician to know the problem. By consulting pediatrician change the formula powder. Keep the bottles sterilize for each usage. Ask the pediatrician medicine for better digestion.
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सवाल: hello plz help me meri beti kehlti nai hai bus roti hai all the time kya karu mai
उत्तर: Hello! Use doctor ke paas lekar jaye. Bacho ka tabiyat kharap hone par his yeh log aisa behave karte hain. Isiliye ek baar doctor dekh lenge toh acha hoga.
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