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Question: meri baby 4 month ki h mujhe dudh km bnta h aur vo fm nhi leti to kya de sakti hu

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Answer: उसे बाहर की कोई भी चीज ना खिलाए उसे सिर्फ ब्रेस्ट फीडिंग कराएं मां का दूध बच्चे के लिए सर्वोपरि होता है मां के मिल्क में सारे पोषक तत्व पाए जाते हैं जैसे कि विटामिंस मिनरल्स आर्यन कैल्शियम मां का मिल्क बच्चे के लिए पूर्ण आहार है हम हमेशा आपको बताते हैं बच्चा अगर 1 से लेकर 6 महीने तक का है तो से बाहर की कोई चीज न द यहां तक कि उसे गाय का दूध भी ना दे पानी भी ना पिलाए मां का दूध बढ़ाने के लिए कई उपाय किए जाते हैं दलिया खाएं दलिया खाने से भी दूध की मात्रा में वृद्धि होती है आप मूंग दाल पालक मिलाकर दाल बनाए वह खाएं इससे भी मां का दूध बढ़ने में बहुत हेल्प होती है ब्रेस्ट फीडिंग कराने वाले मां को ग्रीन टी सिर्फ दिन में दो बार ही लेनी चाहिए उससे ज्यादा नहीं आप जीरे का पानी भी पी सकते हैं इससे भी मां के दूध में बढ़ोतरी होती हैं
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सवाल: meri baby 4 +11 days ki h wo fm ni leti to m use Kya de skti hu
उत्तर: Hello you can give her cerolac,or raagi malt. And Don't let your baby sleep empty stomach take care of it
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सवाल: Mam meri baby 4 month ki h kya m use apple juice de skti hu qki wo fm nhi le rhi h..
उत्तर: Nahi.mam six mnt se.pahle.baby ko.esa kuch b nahi dena hota hai.even paani b nahi.ap baby ko apna feed hi de.jab baby ko bhukh lagegi vo peeyegi.agar ap use ye sab d ne lag jaayengi to vo.milk.lena bilkul bamd kar degi joki bacho ke liye bht jaruri hota hai.
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सवाल: my baby is 3 month old ..meri breastmilk km hai toh me ushe formula milk bhi deta hu..kya me de sakti hu fm
उत्तर: yes bilkul fm de sakte hai. Behtar hai aap apka breast milk increase kare kyun bbay ko breast milk fm se achi hoti hai The best way to increase breast milk supply is to nurse. More you nurse more will be the production. Your baby nursing is the best method among all to increase milk supply. 1. Water : Water is not a food, but it is the most essential aspect of ensuring you’ll have an adequate milk supply. You need have adequate amount of water to stay hydrated—8 glasses of fluid each day is an absolute must. In the early stages of your breastfeeding journey it’s a necessity to have a bottle of water next to where you’re going to nurse. Make a habit of having a glass of water before and after feed. 2. Fenugreek seeds (methi) : Methi is a greate source to increase breastmilk supply. Fenugreek seeds are a source of healthy vitamins that are good for lactating mums such as omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are important for your baby’s brain development. Methi can also be added to many dishes, especially vegetables, and meat dishes and can be used while making paranthas, pooris or stuffed rotis. Soak few methi seeds in a glass of water overnight and have it in morning empty stomach. 3. Fennel seeds : Another natural remedy for increasing milk supply. They are also given to new mums to help prevent gas and colic in their baby. The logic is that since fennel seeds are used by adults to ease tummy upsets and aid digestion, the benefits of fennel can be passed to a baby through the breastmilk. There is no research to back either of these beliefs but many mums feel that fennel seeds have helped them or their baby. 4. Oatmeals : Another way to increases milk supply. It not only helps to maintain the mum weight but also rich in fibre and other vitamins. It helps the body to release oxytocin (a hormone involved in milk production). Take 4 scoops of oatmeal in warm water with added honey satisfy your taste bud as well. 5. Banana: Banana rich nutrition value also helps to increase breast milk supply. Have 2 banana followed by glass of milk. 6. Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds are said to improve digestion and provide relief from constipation, and acidity.Have a spoon of cumin seeds with a tsp of sugar once or twice a day just after having a glass of milk.
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सवाल: Hi meri beti 6 month ki Ho Chiki hai.. Vo FM par hai me use or kya Khana de sakti Hu....
उत्तर: U can give seasonal fruits puree .dal ka pani.nachani satva
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