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Question: Meri baby 17months ki hai... Uske liye kon kon si games uska development ach6e se kar skti hai

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सवाल: Kon si company ka oats baby ke liye safe hai?
उत्तर: Hello! Aap koi bhi brand ka oats lein sakte ho. Plain wala hi lein, masala wala baby ko mat dein. Take care
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सवाल: meri 6 months ki baby k liye kon kon si solid food kaye du....plz suggest
उत्तर: Hey congratulations finally your baby will be experiencing all delicious foid cooked by you. Its an overwhelming moment for both mother and baby. As baby will be tasting new array of food, breastmilk will still be major part of his diet. For intial few days don't expect your baby to finish of his meal. Its just got him to get used to the taste. Always feed one food item at a time. Don't mix sugar or salt to his food. Baby has never tasted it so he ll never know the difference. Now coming to meal planning- 7-8am Breastmilk 9-10am Breakfast (apple puree/Banana puree/ragi porridge /oats porridge /Barley porridge/Suji kheer 11-1pm Breastmilk 2-3 pm Lunch (rice/ moong dal/ Carrot puree/Potato puree/Pumpkin Puree/Cauliflower puree/Broccoli puree For rest of the day give him breastmilk. Once he is accustomed to the food and all chances of allergy and discomfort is eliminated you can include solids on dinner as well.
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सवाल: Baby ke liye kon si rice achha hai?
उत्तर: hello hum jo bade khane keliye use karte hain wahi rice aap baby ke liye bhi use kar sakte ho . Bas Itna Dhyan rakhiye ki chawal acche Se Dule Huye Ho , aur usko acche se boil aur mash karke dena .
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