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Question: mere bachche ki height or weight nhi badh rha h m kya krun

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सवाल: Meri beti ki height bht km Bdh rhi h vo 8 month ki hone wali h usne abhi tk ridhna bhi nhi shuru kiya m Kya krun?
उत्तर: Height weight skin colour all are genetic. Baby inherits from parents and grandparents. Always mention tour crl measure that was in start of pregnancy and current height. Your bay should measure now 2.2 feet--2.8 feet. Start supplements now supplement suggest zincovit polybion-l, calcium-vitamin D will help to boost your baby's growth discuss the dose with your paediatrician.
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सवाल: baby ka weight nhi bdh rha kya krun?? 😔
उत्तर: Hello.. dear, agar baby har month 500 gms weight badh raha hain toh koi problem nehi hain. Uska weight sahi badh raha hain. Use breastfeeding karte rahe. Agar weight bilkul nehi badha hain, toh doctor se consult karein.
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सवाल: mere baby ki tbyet 2days se thik nhi lusmoson ho rha h main kya krun wo avi 10mth ka h
उत्तर: hi loose motion and cold are directly connected and it is mostly seen due to the cold, so please cover your baby with warm clothes you can give tufpro twice daily for three days and keep him well hydrated
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