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Question: mere baby ka weat kitna hoga

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Answer: हेलों आपके स्टेट्स के अनुसार आप 30 वीक प्रेगनेट है 30 वीक्स में बेबी का वेट 1.4 के.जी. होता है ये एक औसत वेट है जो कम या ज़्यादा हो सकता है अगर आपके बेबी का वेट औसत वेट के आसपास है तों आपके बेबी का वेट नॉर्मल है.
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सवाल: Baby weat kam achi
उत्तर: Hi,do you mean to say that your baby weight is less Than you should work in your healthy bdiet You should have high.proyein rich diet like soyapulses,and egg and chicken You should have cereals Haveilk at least 2 glasses.in a day You should have milk products Have Green veges Fruits Milkshakes Protein shakes This will help.
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सवाल: I m 9 week pregnant mere baby ka size kitna hoga
उत्तर: Hello! Your baby is about the size of a grape, measuring 1.67 inches (4.24 centimeters) from its head to its rump, and weighs a fraction of an ounce.
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सवाल: 3775 +_ 16 % , baby ka wait kitna hoga???
उत्तर: Hi, please tell the gestational period. So that i can help you dear.
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