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Question: Mera 18 week chal raha hai mere left side me pet upar kuch mahesus hota hai kya wo baby ho sakta hai aur muje baby kick kab se mahesus hoga

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सवाल: mera 37weeks chal raha hai navi ke upar hamesha dard hota hai. kya reason Ho sakta hai
उत्तर: This is very normal so do not worry. Because of the growing baby and increasing size if uterus you are feeling pain Make sure to sleep properly do not let your belly hang while sleeping it may increase the pain and discomfort, put two pillows and support your belly. Check if your naval point has come out like a bulge or there is fever or vomiting. If you see these signs then you need a quick checkup by your gynae. Little protrusion(belly button coming out) is normal it will go inside once baby is happily out. Hope it helps! Take care
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सवाल: hii mera 7th month chal raha hai mere pet me left side pain ho raha hai koi problem to nahi
उत्तर: Pains can be due to different reasons please don't worry First kind of pain is due to indigestion Second is due to gas formation These are very common in pregnancies Take cumin add to water boil water till it becomes half the quantity add ghee sugar and drink it for three to four times at regular intervals of 15 mts Lie down rest well If your pain increases or any other symptoms appear then go to doctor immediately If pain dose not come down talk to your doctor
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सवाल: hi mera 16 week chal raha hai bt mujhe pet mein kuch mehsus nai hota ki ander baby hai... mujhe kab mehsus hoga
उत्तर: baby's first movements, called "quickening," starts between weeks 16 and 25 of pregnancy. If this is first pregnancy, one may not feel baby movements until closer to 25 weeks
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