39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera ninth month chl ra h or mera liquor reduce ho gya h . mera AFI 6 aaya ...isse baby ko koi problem to nhi hogi na..NST me baby movement bilkul thik h..kya meri normal delivery ho skti h...plz help me

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Answer: मेरा नोवा मह चाल रहा उर पेट में बहुत दर्द हों रहा क्यू
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सवाल: aj ultrasound me liquor 65-70℅ km h.. isse koi problm to ni hogi na?
उत्तर: While in the womb, the baby floats in the amniotic fluid. The amount of amniotic fluid is greatest at about 34 weeks (gestation) into the pregnancy, when it averages 800 mL. About 600 mL of amniotic fluid surrounds the baby at full term (40 weeks gestation). koi problem nahi 34 weeks me fluid level jyada hota hai.
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सवाल: Mera 8th months Chl rha h... Kya Mai movie Dekh skti Hu Hall me... Mtlb Isse baby Ko Koi prblm to nh hogi na
उत्तर: if u r comfortable and able to sit 2 or 3 hours continuously than u can go for movie nd enjoy . nd don't worry . baby will never harm .
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सवाल: hello Dr.mera 5 mnth chl ra h Abhi kuch din se vomiting rhi h...jiski vajeh se mera calcium nd iron ki tablets bilkul nhi kha rhi....isse baby ko koi problem to nai hogi na!
उत्तर: U should consult ur dr so that she can give u tablet to stop omitting. Baby needs calcium n iron majorly in this period as bones and other major baby parts are forming.. Drink lots of milk eat green vegetables...
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सवाल: Hi.. Aaj mera 9 Month start hua too Dr. Ne Ultrasound karwaya jismei mera Liquor Reduced aaya.. Its AFI =7.5 cm.. Isse mere baby ko problem hogi kya???
उत्तर: yes it is lower side Increase water intake include coconut water buttermilk juices at cetera The AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows. Take 3 litres of water daily. But on safer side do a doppler test and if these are normal you can wait till date or till labor starts. Just monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur Dr regularly..
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