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Question: mera urin ka colr pila h or muh ka tst hmesha krva hi rhta h kya kru.

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सवाल: plz help me mera 2nd month chl rha h or mera muh sara din ek dum kdva rhta h kya kru ?
उत्तर:  Here are five simple ways to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth and regain control of your taste buds: 1. Eat or drink citrus fruit or juice More often than not, the metallic taste goes away if you consume acids, like citrus. 2. Use a saltwater rinse A teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water creates a saltwater solution for you to swoosh around your mouth, neutralizing pH levels and getting rid of that awful taste. 3. Change your prenatal vitamin Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal, and some lead to metal mouth more than others. Talk to your doctor about switching if you just can’t tolerate the taste in your mouth. 4. Eat pickles Pickles, like citrus, also have a high acidity because of the vinegar they’re marinated in. I wonder if metal mouth is where the craving for pickles so often comes from? Hmmmm.
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सवाल: mera baby 2 mnth ka h or gess ki problm s bhut presan rhta h kya kru plzz suggest me
उत्तर: Apply hing water near his naval area and massage and do exercise of his legs
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सवाल: Meri kamar m bht dard rhta h hmesha kavi kam to kabi jaida mgr hmesha rhta h iske liye kya kru
उत्तर: Don't worry just apply iodex on it....everything will be allright
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