18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera pregnency ka 4th month complete ho gya h ,m asa ky ky kru jo delovery normal ho sake plz suggest

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Answer: weight na uthay kuch bhi or khane pine ka khyal rkhe jse papita ananas ,or bagain avoid kre,khub pani piye
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सवाल: Hello ...mera baby 1 month ka h...use cough Cold fever ho gya h . Plz suggest kya kru...i m worried???
उत्तर: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 month old Cold cough fever s common in this season due to weather change nothing to worry abht ..if baby's on bf .mother should be take care avoid cold things ..whatever mother takes it ll go to baby through bf...so tc of ur diet too. Consult to ur pediatrician give paracetamol which he prescribes u .. try these remedies Give steam to ur baby..be carefully hold tight to ur baby. ..take a pan add mustard oil+ajwain+5 6 garlic seed burn it and take it in jar in night warm that oil nd apply on babys chest back hands nd feets. Take a spoon of water add haldi mix it apply on babys fore head..dear Maintain room temputure..it should be not hot or cold..dear season s changing sob Put full cloths to baby.Apply Saffron paste on babys fore head .try it
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सवाल: Mera 9th month complete ho gye h mujhe koi tklif ni hai mein chahti hu mujhe normal delivery ho mein kya kru jo mujhe normal delivery ho
उत्तर: Hello It's safe to induce labour as long as u r above 37 weeks pregnant with a healthy pregnancy. The position of the baby should be cephalic presentation and the baby s head should be fixed or engaged. Drink castor oil. But this can reach the baby and cause loose motions You can induce labour by walking Taking a warm shower Having sex as it induces contractions Stimulating ur breasts can cause contractions Eating spicy food Eating food with high estrogen levels like pine apple cardamom seasome seed Eat dates as they have good levels of oxytocin wch help with cervix dilation
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सवाल: Mera 9 month complete ho gya h 2 march ko but no labour pain kya kru
उत्तर: Wait karo...since yours is 39 weeks old...u can wait for 1 week more before inducing...start exercising...and walking..it will help
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