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Question: mera baby 4month 16days ka hai uski potty green ho rhi h kya ye normal hai

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सवाल: Meri baby 1.5 months ki hai...aaj subah se ye baar baar potty kar rhi hai and uski potty ka colour green hai....pls help me
उत्तर: Hello Dis is normal. The potty color changes.The first thing u need to see is are u emptying your breasts wch results in fore and hind milk imbalance wch can cause indigestion in ur baby make sure u feed for 40 minutes. And the baby is 20 minutes on each breast. Time urself. If this is not happening empty ur breasts use a breast pump so u can give ur baby the complete nutrients and benefits from breast milk. Hope I helped
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सवाल: Mera baby 20 days ka hai uski potty green ho rahi hai.is it normal
उत्तर: the green stool may be due to formula milk or the foremilk( milk at the beginning of a feeding which consists of low fat content and high lactose content). and also if the mother or baby is on iron supplements. -if formula milk is given then dear you will have to stop the formula milk. -and for foremilk you will have to feed the baby for more than 10mins from one side to get the hind milk also.(Hindmilk is the high-fat, high-calorie breast milk,t's richer, thicker, and creamier than foremilk). -and if irons supplements is given to baby or taken by the mother then dear you will have to stop using them. if the motion is loose then it might be due to GIT infection in such cases a stool test will be required dear to make sure if any infection there. and if yes then dont get worried. proper antibiotics will solve the matter. so dont worry.!
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सवाल: Mera baby 17days ka hai. Use potty green ho rhi hai aur bubbles jaise ho rhi hai. Kya ye gas hai?
उत्तर: Hello mam, Hi don't worry it's commonly to hv green poop. There is something called foremilk and hindmilk...foremilk is the initial milk that is less fat and watery and hindmilk is that which is thick and creamy and comes out after foremilk. I guess baby is getting too much of foremilk and not enough hindmilk...so make sure u feed with same breast with which u fed before. Foremilk has more amount of sugar which babies can't digest and as a result they poop in green color. If u hv an over supply of milk try to pump out with the help of breast pump till you notice the milk coming out is thicker and cream in color. Sometimes formula milk also causes green poop but there is nothing to worry about.
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