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Question: Mera baby 2.5 months ka premature baby hai Dr. uski ankhoka laser treatment karvane ko keh rahe hai koi problem to nahi hoga

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सवाल: Mera baby 7 months ka hai. Kal usko flu vaccine laga. Aur aaj galti se uski malish kar di. Kuch problem toh nahi hoga baby ko?
उत्तर: Maine bhi kiya tha apni Baby ka, kuch nahi hua. Flu vaccine hard nahi hota hai as Dr says
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सवाल: Mera beta 2.5 year ka he uska hemoglobin 9 he koi problem to Nahi hogi use
उत्तर: Give him fig, bioled beetroot pieces,
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सवाल: mera baby 2.5 months ka hai wo green colour ki potty karta hai. isme koi problem ki baat to nahi hai.wo formula milk bhi pita hai
उत्तर: 1) It can be bcoz --- if you giving formula, the high iron content in formula causes green poop 2) As the baby is now putting his/ her hands everywhr and the same in his mouth, chances of germs entering , and hence stomach infection..( not worrisome though unless n until its watery n frothy) Still consult paediac for assurance..A Stool test may be done.. 3) Just check if your baby has cold or cough because the mucus too causes poop to go green... 4) You eating spinach or coriander or such food doesnt affect your babys poop..!! Take care...
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