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Question: mera baby 2 dinse kum movement kr raha h koi pblm to nhi hogi n .

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Answer: हेलो कभी कभी ऐसा होता है की बेबी की हरकतों को आप दयान नही दे पाती इसलिए आप सभी कामो को छोड़कर कुछ खाए ऑर अकग्र होकर होकर कतवत लेकर लेट जाए कम से कम 1 घण्टे आपको अलग अलग तरीके से 10 हलचल महसूस होनी चाहिए जब आपको लगें की बेबी का मुवमेंट कम है तो आप ठण्डा पानी पीए या फ़िर तेज आवज में गाने सुनें जिससे बेबी कुछ हलचल करे फ़िर भी यदि कोई मुवमेंट ना हो या कम हो तो डॉक्टर की सलाह लें तुरन्त
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सवाल: Mam mera weight 79 h 2week pregnancy h koi pblm to nhi hogi mere baby mere weight se?
उत्तर: Hi mommy. There will be no problems. Try to Maintain healthy diet. Consume nutritious food. Try to avoid oily fried food during Ur pregnancy. Usually we get a lot of cravings for food during pregnancy and it's absolutely ok to binge sometimes. But make sure Ur eating healthy, go for 15 mins walk wenever u get time .
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सवाल: Mera baby 21 days ka h kya m abi s bottle s milk de skti hu Koi pblm to nhi hogi na ..... Mera nipple nhi h isly
उत्तर: Yes, aap use bottle se formula milk de sakte h. But aap use breastfeed b karaiye. Breastfeed baby k liye acha hota h.
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सवाल: Mera 6 month start hua h but 2 din se mujhe bhaut kum movement feel ho rahe h... N bhuk b kum lag rahi h... Sb normal h?
उत्तर: There are various reasons a baby may move less. Babies experience cycles of sleep while they are in the womb, Your baby will not usually move during their sleep periods. Mothers emotional and physical state can influence the amount a baby will move. Dehydration and fasting can also cause the baby to move less, it is important to eat and drink well to ensure the health of the baby. movement is sometimes caused by a leak or rupture in the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby. Now baby is in full growth and has very less space. Baby has difficulties to move in the uterus due to low space. Call your doctor when you do not feel any movements.
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सवाल: mera 6 month chal raha h ....mujhe nind bhaut kum aa rahi h din m b nhi soti n raat ko b 2-3 hour nind aati h ....isse baby ko to koi harm nhi hoga na
उत्तर: Mujhe bhi same problem hai, aap thoda meditation kro sone se pehle, this will help u
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