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Question: mem meri बेबी ceicer se hui h 2month ki ho gyi h . mera pet bhut bhar nikla hua h . pet km krne k liye kya kru . pls suggest me

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सवाल: mere pure legs me bahut pain h me kya kru km krne k liye?? chlne m bhut dikqt hoti h
उत्तर: Hi dear, I am sorry ki aapko is takleef se guzarna padh Raha hai.but pregnancy me is Tarah Ka leg pain bohat common hai.ye zyada tar body fluid ke badhtey pressure ke Karan hota hai.aur upar se,legs me pure body Ka pressure rehta hai,isliye waha zyda strain rehta hai.zyada Der tak ek jagah par khade na rahe.legs ko hamesha upar support karke rakhe,neeche latka ke na baithe. keep.moving.i know aapko bohat dard hota hai,but jitna move karengi,utna circulation badhega aur dard Kam hoga.warm oil massage kare daily.khane me namak Kam le.vitamin supplements leti rahe.khoob Pani bhi pijiye.pani ki kami se bhi is Tarah ke cramps aate rehte hai. aap regularly healofy app ko follow kare,Uske daily tips aur baby growth and development ko padhe.post pregnancy,baby diet and mother diet along with baby care ke kaafi information app me rehtey hai.donot miss out!
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सवाल: Meri gudiya ek saal ki ho gyi h or meri normal deliverhy hui h mger mera pet abhi bhi bhot bhar h me kya kru
उत्तर: Increasing tummy after delvry s a common problen for all womens ..if u r bf mom u should not avoid food...but should take healthy food ...because u need extra calories at that time ...i m sharing u remedies from which ur weight ll be loose nd ur baby ll get healthy nutritient from bf. .try this Go 4 walk daily as 15 to 30 min.twice a day.. Avoid oily spicy food...Take lemon +honey +warm water in morning before tea...Join yoga as alom vilom, suryanamashar, tree pose cat pose, triangle pose .try it Take watermelon.muskmelon.its 90%water nd low. calorries.. Take plenty of water juices coconut water. buttermilk.Take oranges...lemon .sweet lime it helps in weight loss.. Take fenugreek seed after every food.. take 1apple every day in mor its helps in burn fat.take bottle guard juice its also helps in loose weight.
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सवाल: Normal dlvry h meri.. weight reduce kese kru....tummy km krne k liye kya kru
उत्तर: hi dear weight gain after delivery is common so don't worry you can get back your old shape after 6 month by doing regular exercise and following diet as you are feeding mother now you should wait 6 months because you are baby need enough milk supply if you follow any heavy diet that may affect your milk lactation . so after 6 month you can I do regular exercise post Phantom exercises or available on YouTube you can follow that and also you should follow heavy diet which includes no oily food no fried food no food outside healthy food like vegetables fruits should make your diet food eat more millets nuts horse gram. you can also take a herbal tea with boiling water adding coriander seed dormancy paper a slice of Ginger with one stick of cardamon you can add lemon and honey to the hot tea is hot tea on empty stomach every morning this will help you to burn the fat inside your stomach continue this this will help you to reduce weight also
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