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Question: mem me so k udti hu tab mujhe kamar dard bahut hota he anytime subh, sham ,dophar

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Answer: normal h aap maternity pillow use kr skte ho
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सवाल: mujhe vagaina ke baju bahut pain hota jab me karvat leti hu tab
उत्तर: Hello Dear, Vaginal pain during pregnancy may be experienced by some women in their second trimester. Some women may undergo this pain in vagina all throughout their pregnancy. Usually, vaginal pain during pregnancy is not a sign of complication, however, severe, unbearable vaginal pain may need medical attention. Ways to Relieve Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy At varying stages of pregnancy, one may feel sharp vaginal pain and discomfort. Vaginal pain is seen to be increasing towards the end of pregnancy. Usually, pain relieving medications are used to provide temporary relief in this condition and must be taken only with medical advice. Some tips and lifestyle modifications can help to relieve vaginal pain during pregnancy. • Lying down on your left may help you get some relief and improve blood circulation too. • Sitting straight with your feet elevated a little also helps in circulation and relieves pressure, thus reducing vaginal pain. • Lying down while having your hips elevated a little may be useful in relieving vagina pain in some pregnant women. • Taking warm baths can help you relax and relieve sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy. • Having pelvic massage, with medical advice and when performed by an expert can help you reduce vaginal pain and support your pelvis. • Consider wearing support belts, go for heat packs they help in stretching ligaments. Do consult your gynecologist before trying this out. • Simple exercise, yoga, swimming will do a lot in reliving the pain. You may walk a little in order to strengthen the muscle. • It is not unusual to feel pain in vagina during the late pregnancy as growing fetus leaves pressure, you can get rid of this vaginal pain but applying all the above therapies, but before doing everything you need to talk to your doctor.
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सवाल: mere kamar me right side dard krta hai sham time
उत्तर: Considering you're walking around with a baby in your belly, it's understandable that you might be feeling some back pain. But just because it's to be expected, doesn't make it easy to deal with. Applying a hot pack to your sore spots may soothe muscles and ease pain, as can a massage. Ask your partner for a back massage. Additionally, if you're sleeping on your back or find yourself tossing and turning at night, your resting position may be to blame for back pain. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to ease any spinal tension and promote proper alignment. it's important to know when your back pain warrants medical attention. If your discomfort is consistent and self-care doesn't help much, discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment. If the pain is severe or accompanied by vaginal bleeding or discharge, contact your gynae immediately. Dull pain in the lower back may indicate pre-term labor, which calls for immediate care.
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सवाल: Bread nd amul butter kha skti hu sham me snacks me chai k saath kyunki mujhe sham ko bahut bhuk lagti hai
उत्तर: Yes you can eat butter but in moderation. Avoid overeating. Butter are a good source of vitamin A,D,E which are good for child's vision and bones. Though there are no harmful effects but avoid overeating in any form. I would suggest avoiding tea in evening. Better to have home prepared juice , coconut water. It's better to discuss and get a diet chart after consulting your doctor. Plan your diet so that you can have something to eat every 2 hours. Eat in small portions after regular intervals let's say 2 hours or 3 hours as it suits you .
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