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Question: Me hair fall rokne k liye kya karu

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Answer: हेलो डियर डिलिवरी के बाद बालों का झडना आम है हमारे बॉडी के हॉर्मोनल चेंजेज की वजह से , इसके लाइए आप बालों मैं एग लगायें , दही लगायें और नारियल का तेल से अपने बालों की मसाज करे जिसे ब्लड सर्क्यलेशन बढ़ेगा और बालों का झडना कम होगा , साथ साथ आप डायट मैं आयरन जादा ले और खुब पानी पीये,मेथी के बीज रात भर भिगोएं और अपने बालों को उस पानी से धोए..
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सवाल: After 8 weeks Mera bahut hair fall ho raha hai. Kya karun ise rokne k liye?
उत्तर: Hair fall is normal after pregnancy and during pregnancy. After delivery body become weak and during pregnancy hormones play a important role. To prevent hair fall take healthy diet. Drink coconut water daily. Green vegetables are very good. Fresh veggies have lots of iron, vitamins. Using tight rubber bands, clips, rollers, weavers or tying your hair tightly in a braid or ponytail can stretch your hair causing stress and pressure on your scalp. Vegetables and nuts are not only healthy that protect hair follicles. Take supplements like Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Vitamins E and C and biotin. These will boost hair growth and also prevent hair fall to a large extent. Make oil at home -- warm coconut oil, put some fresh curry leaves , 1 spoon kalonji, 1 spoon methi fry them till brown. After that let it cool stain it and use 3 days in a week.
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सवाल: Mera baby 5 months ka h . Uske hone k baad mere hair fall bhut jyada ho rhe h. Hair fall rokne k liye kya krna chajiye?
उत्तर: Hi dear, Post pregnancy hair fall is normal.i can understand how scary it may appear.but thats how it is.after baby turns 1 year of age,it will subside.till then eat healthy ,protein rich diet.in life biotin rich food like fish,green vegetables,dey fruits.egg is also a great source of biotin,which increases hair growth.drink plenty of water.donot comb hard.never comb when the hair is wet.use mild hair products.make sure you are also free from dandruff.check your thyroid levels too.
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सवाल: Loose motion rokne k liye kya karu
उत्तर: baby is too small for home remedies plz go to pedestrian.
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सवाल: i have 4 months baby..ar bht hair fall ho ra h mjhe kya kru use rokne k liye
उत्तर: Use onions juice before bath 15/20 minutes
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