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Question: May period date is 20 march ..so when will i delivery..and how could i know about my baby position

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Answer: आई थिंक जनवरी इज योर ड्यू मंथ
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सवाल: My LMP was dec 20.. HPT got positive.. so may i know when is my delivery date..
उत्तर: Your due date will be on September 27. Congratulations dear
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सवाल: Mam my edd is 8th March.....so when Will be my delivery date....i m waiting
उत्तर: Hello! It is difficult to say as such. It can happen after due date also. Just make sure you keep on walking and stay hydrated. Take care
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सवाल: Hi dr. When will my baby come...my last period date is 9 march....i m so excitd
उत्तर: Hello! Currently you are 16weeks pregnant and your expected delivery date is 14th December, 2018. Take care
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