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Question: diarreah homecare management

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सवाल: Allergic rhinitis in pregnancy management please
उत्तर: Hello dear. One of the best ways to protect against bronchitis is to wash your hands often. If a loved one has an infection, try to stay away as much as you can. The flu virus can cause bronchitis, so be sure to get an annual flu shot.The flu shot doesn’t contain live viruses, so it shouldn’t make you sick. Getting the flu shot can also boost your baby’s immune system for about six months after birth. That means your little one will be less likely to experience the flu virus. The best natural treatments to use for rhinitis during pregnancy are: 1.) saline irrigation 2.) Breathe Right strips Saline irrigation helps clear out the nasal passages. You’ll put saline solution into one nostril and let it drain out of the other nostril. This helps clean out the nasal passages This is a solution containing salt (salt water) that can be used to cleanse the nasal passages. It’s important to use sterile (distilled or boiled) water to make the saline solution. You can also try the Breathe Right strips you’ll find at chemist. They help to manually hold open the nasal passages. They are pregnancy-safe and there are no known harmful side effects. Hope this helps.
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सवाल: Management of Gestational diabetes
उत्तर: One of the most important ways to treat and control gestational diabetes is diet. A healthy diet can work wonder for managing gestational diabetes. To help maintain a stable blood sugar level, food intake has to be monitored. Here are a few tips for meals if someone has gestational diabetes: Include proteins in every meal. This will keep you satisfied longer. Monitor carbohydrate intake. Carbs can cause dramatic rises and falls in blood sugar levels which is not good for someone with gestational diabetes. Avoid processed food as much as possible Don’t overeat, especially sugary snacks. Avoid starchy food like rice and potatoes Avoid fried food Eat food with a low glycemic index. This keeps blood glucose levels stable for longer. These are a few general tips for diet changes needed in gestational diabetes. Talk with your doctor and nutritionist for a detailed meal plan that will be beneficial for both mother and baby.
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सवाल: Fever management among babies
उत्तर: How,if the baby gets high fever you should keep room temperature water Patti's in the baby s forehead. This should help to bring down the fever also keep monitor the fever wvwey hour so that fever diesent cross 102
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