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Question: mam muje 9 mnth start hua tha tb scan kiya tha to usme cephalic presentation likha tha kya baby ki position thik h or wo change hongi kya firse

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Answer: गर्भ में बच्चा अपनी पोजीशन बदलता रहता है बच्चे समय पूरा होने पर बच्चा अपनी पोजीशन ले लेता है यानी के बच्चे का सर नीचे और पैर ऊपर की तरफ जिसे cefalic पोजीशन कहते हैं जन्म के समय बच्चे को सिर की तरफ से निकाला जाता है नॉर्मल डिलीवरी के लिए यह पोजीशन से मानी जाती है
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सवाल: Mam in my 31week scan report is normal with cephalic presentation... Hereafter baby position will chances to change the position in womb?? Plzz rply me mam im scared
उत्तर: Hello dear, cephalic presentation means head down is a great news.but they can still turn, my OB wouldn't even check if my baby was head down until 36 weeks cause they can move again, at 36 weeks they run out of space and pretty much stuck but some do turn anyway! Hope it helped Take care urself...
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सवाल: Man muje sonography me likha aaya h ki longitudenal and cephalic presentation with spine on maternal right side present scan. Likh k aaya h iska matlap Kya h
उत्तर: Longitudinal LA matlab yeah hai Ki baby seeda hai when you are standing tho that time baby is parallel to you and your baby s head is down this good in case you have normal delivery. And you baby is facing towards the left this is also normal your baby looks fine please don't worry.
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सवाल: hii i m 33 week pregnant.. maine 7th month end ko ultrasound kiya tha..usme baby head down position me tha...kya ab firse baby ka position change hota hai??up to last month
उत्तर: Abhi fir se change nahi hoga dear. DOnt worry. Apka baby ka position head down hoga. 34 weeks tak baby position change karte hai aur uske bad nahi
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