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Question: mam mra drd brdash se bhr ho rha h or dctr kh re h y labour pain nhi h

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सवाल: hlo.. mujhe creamy decharge ho rha h koi problem to nhi h .. or kya y labour pain symptom h
उत्तर: As the baby moves down, your cervix will thin out creating some watery discharge. Totally normal :). However please try to analyse the sort of discharge - 1) If you're leaking urine, the fluid will likely have a distinctive odor. 2) If you're leaking vaginal fluid, the discharge will probably be clear or white to yellowish. It can be rather sloppy, requiring multiple changes of underwear or panty liners in a single day. 3) If you're leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, the fluid is likely to saturate your underwear or panty liner over and over again. The fluid may be clear or contain white flecks, perhaps tinged with blood or mucus. It isn't likely to smell, however. If your are leaking amniotic fluid it won't stop and you'll get a big gush when you stand. In case you are soaking through a pad in an hour please call the doctor.
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सवाल: Mujhe 9 month chl rha h nyt se pet me drd h kse pta chlega labour pain h ya nhi
उत्तर: Hi dear. Baby drops and baby now rests lower in your pelvis.2 cervix start to dilate.3 cramps and back pain . 4 vaginal discharge. 5 as you get close to labor, you may pass your mucus plug it's the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off your cervical canal for the last nine months. The mucus may be tinged with brown, pink, or red blood, which is why it's called "bloody show."6 tiredness 7 water breaks.8 strong contractions you have to be carefully if you notice any of these symptoms. Hope this helps n all the best
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सवाल: mra 18 july ko delivery date h but mra tummy aaj subh s drd d rha h mujhe esa lg rha h acidity ho gyi h ya y delivery ka drd h
उत्तर: If you are primi... First baby h to aapko doctor k pass jana chahiye fir bhi dard hota h to pet k muscle tight hote h jise contraction kahte h n sath me back pain bhi hota h to dhyan rakhe jada der na kare... Aur kabhi kabhi false pain bhi hota h jo delivery k kuch din pahle hota h... All the best
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