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Question: mam mere breast me bhut pain ho rha h ...??

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सवाल: Hello mere breast me Bhut pain Ho rha h esha Kyu.. Me kya karu jis se pain kam hote jaye
उत्तर: Hello Ma'am Aap yeh chize try kar Sakti hai is se aapko relax milega. 1. Opt for loose-fitting clothes. As your breasts expand during pregnancy, clingy tops might become more constricting than cute—and inside seams could aggravate sensitive breasts. Stick with flowy clothing that won't rub or irritate. 2. Try a cold compress. Lay a towel over your chest and apply an ice pack to the area (a frozen bag of peas also works well!).  3. Take warm showers. Not everyone responds to cold therapy, so if you don't find relief from an ice pack, try spending some time in a steamy shower. "The heat could help relax surrounding muscles and ease tension," says Duff. 4. Doctor-approved pain relief. If the pain is really getting to you, ask your doctor if you can take Tylenol.
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सवाल: Mam mere breast me bhut card ho
उत्तर: Hello dear ap baby ko dono taraf se brabar feed kraiye aap brest pe dhire dhite garam pani dalke sek karlo..or uske sath sath milk ko bhi nikal lo....fir thodi masaj karlo...releaf ho jayega.....or.... Jis brest pe dukh raha hai usi or ke pair par belan leke pair ke pichhe ki or thoda tel lagake masaj karo....agar dukhta hai fir b karo...do din k baad thik ho jayega...
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सवाल: Breast ke niche tummy me bhut jyda pain ho rha h plz hlp q ho rha h
उत्तर: Hello dear Pregnancy me tummy me pain hona normal hai. Aap tention mat lijiye aur neeche diye gye tips try kijiye : 1. Aaram se baithiye aur apne legs to aaram se upar rakhiye. 2. Garm pani ki bottle se apne stomach ki sikai kijiye. 3. Jyada se jyada pani pijiye. 4. Khoob sara rest kijiye
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