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Question: hii mam mera 21 weeks chal rhaha bt mujhe feel ni ho rha h

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Answer: Dctr se ultra sound krwaye
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सवाल: Mam mera 21 week chal rha h mgr baby movement ni ho rha Jada ye mera 2nd baby hai...
उत्तर: it is common dear... even i could not feel my baby movement sometimes but when i went to doctor there was no problem with my baby. Doctor did a scan and my baby was nicely sleeping in my womb. nothing to worry. sometimes baby is very active and sometimes not.
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सवाल: Hello mam mera 21 week chl ra h bt mje abi tk baby movement feel ni ho ra h
उत्तर: You can feel ur baby move by 18 or 20 th week of ur pregnancy. You will it later if its your first pregnancy and earlier if its your second one.You may feel something called quickening it's a fluttery movement in ur belly like a little butterfly it is same as kicking just the early kicks are called quickening. They are feeble as ur baby is too little to feel.
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सवाल: Hello mam, mera six month chal rha h bt mujhe pet pr itiching ni ho rha... Bahot log bolte h ki hota h... Mujhe koi prblm to ni h na...
उत्तर: Hi dear... Itching on stomach is because of stretching of your skin. As your tummy grows skin stretchs. Have lots of fluid and use good stretch mark cream to keep to skin moisturised and avoid itching.
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सवाल: mera 20 week chal rha a bt mnu movement feel ni ho rhi koi problem ta ni..
उत्तर: Hello! dont worry..koi problem nahi hai..You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks.
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