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Question: hlo mam mera 29 week m ultrasound hua tha ab muze agla ultrasound kon se week m krwana chahiye

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सवाल: Mam mera ultrasound 18 weak pe hua tha ab kab krwana hoga
उत्तर: Hello dear congratulations that you are pregnant this is the most beautiful phase of a woman's life and I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. All women need to go for an ultrasound scan during pregnancy all the war elders feel that it is not very safe to go and expose yourself to the rays of the ultrasound but it is extremely important and you should not avoid these ultrasound test. Minimum you can get to sonograms done during your pregnancy in the first trimester and in the second trimester. The first trimester ultrasound could be also a vaginal ultrasound it confirms your estimated due date and it confirms the fetal Heartbeat it make sure that your pregnancy is in the right place and not an ectopic pregnancy. The second ultrasound is usually done between 18 weeks and 22 weeks it is a detailed anatomy and is also called level 2 ultrasound it sees how the baby is growing and developing and the shows that everything is going just fine. it measures the size of the head the spine and check the development of major organs it says that the amniotic fluid is sufficient and it also locates your placenta. If a mother is at the risk of a preterm labour or experiences any spotting during the pregnancy or has high blood pressure or Diabetes or any such medical complication then a third ultrasound is also required to be done the number of days ultrasound may exceed depending upon the complication of the mother. These ultrasounds may be done if in case the mother feels that she has not felt the movement for a longer period of time it may also be done for checking the opening what happening of the cervix and for many other such reasons. To aapko 18 months mein level 2 ho Gaya hai. Until n unless aapko koi reason na ho to third ultrasound ki zarurat nahii hai. Hope my answer was helpful
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सवाल: Ultrasound kon se month m krwana chahye...?
उत्तर: Hii. It is advisable to undergo two ultrasounds in the 9-month duration of your pregnancy. The first ultrasound is suggested by the doctors in the first trimester. This ultrasound confirms the due delivery date of the pregnant woman. Until this ultrasound session, the baby is not developed to the point of recognition. You just see a lump in your womb. The second ultrasound, usually, happens at the 18th week. This is supposed to be the ideal timing for your second ultrasound session. This time, the doctor checks whether your child has a normal anatomy or not. This is the time when the doctor gets to know about the sex of your baby. In abnormal cases where the doctor suspects something wrong in the baby within you, they call for more ultrasounds depending upon the need. For mothers who are under a medical condition of diabetes or hypertension, there might again be a need for more ultrasounds. However, this completely depends on your doctor. I sincerely hope it helps. Keeps on posting more query. All the best. 
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सवाल: Hello m 29 week pregnant hu 29 week k bad kon s week m agla ultrasound hota h and check up m or kya kya krana hota h
उत्तर: In the third trimester, visits are scheduled every 15 days & later weekly with monitoring blood flow to fetus & Fluid level. At your appointments, your doctor will weigh you and check your blood pressure. Your doctor may ask you to provide a urine sample, which they’ll use to check for infection, protein, or sugar. The presence of protein in the urine in the third trimester can be a sign of preeclampsia. Sugar in urine could indicate gestational diabetes. Your doctor will measure your belly to check the baby’s growth. They may check your cervix for dilation. They might also give you a blood test to check for anemia, especially if you were anemic earlier in your pregnancy. This condition means you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells. You may get ultrasounds, just as you have in previous weeks, to confirm the baby’s position, growth, and health. Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring checks to make sure the baby’s heart is beating properly. You’ve likely had some of these tests by now.
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